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30 April 2024

Water-soluble grape seed extract

Nordmann partner Layn is now supplying a new water-soluble grape seed extract. Manufactured in Italy, the product is rich in oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) and features a minimal amount of gallic acid and monomers. Because the extraction process uses water rather than solvents, the finished extract is unmatched in terms of its benefits and can be used to support a diverse range of applications from beverages to functional foods and supplements – including powders, sachets and stick packs. Nordmann is distributing the newly launched ingredient in Germany and Switzerland.

Health-promoting antioxidants

The phytocomplex that Layn derives from grape seeds is primarily composed of proanthocyanidins, formed via the polymerization of catechins, epicatechins and their associated gallates.


These compounds are powerful antioxidants that can help reduce oxidative stress within a variety of cellular systems. Oxidative stress has been linked to a number of health problems such as inflammation, cardiovascular disease and age-related degenerative issues. The antioxidant properties of Layn’s new extract can help mitigate these risks and impact health in a positive way by helping with high blood pressure, reducing inflammation and lowering cholesterol levels. It also provides neuroprotective effects with a significantly lower risk of thrombotic complications.

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Kathrin Aicher
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“The French paradox”


An interesting phenomenon that is often cited in the context of inflammatory health issues is the so-called “French paradox” – the fact that the people of France have lower rates of heart disease than those of many other nations, and yet they are known for enjoying a diet rich in animal and vegetable fats. One possible explanation for this could be their regular consumption of wine – especially red wine, which contains high levels of proanthocyanidins. This is where Layn’s water-soluble grape seed extract comes in, harnessing the natural advantages of proanthocyanidins without driving the need for alcohol consumption.


Composition and production


Proanthocyanidins occur as either oligomers or monomers. Several studies have shown that the latter are associated with health problems, while the former (oligomers) feature greater antioxidant effects with all the associated benefits.


Layn’s grape seed extract is manufactured as part of a fully Italian supply chain, using carefully selected grape varieties that are harvested early in the ripening season. In this way, Layn secures grape seeds that are naturally rich in OPC but low in monomeric proanthocyanidins, and preventing oligomers from breaking down as a result of enzymatic hydrolysis.


Extraction process


Layn utilizes innovative green extraction technology that combines water extraction with selective tangential filtration and an analytical approach (GPC plus ESI-HRMS). This is designed to produce a superior product in terms of both technology and composition, as the extraction process does not use organic solvents and the resulting extract is also completely soluble in water – making it attractive for use in liquid formulations. It is also suitable for applications such as sachets, sticks, etc. that require powders to be reconstituted by end users.




The applications for Layn’s water-soluble grape seed extract are diverse and include a variety of products such as beverages, dietary supplements and functional foods. Being water-soluble, the extract is easy to incorporate and provide end consumers with the opportunity to benefit from the nutritious and health-boosting effects of grape seeds.


As a company, Layn stands for quality and innovation in the field of natural products. Its new water-soluble grape seed extract is another excellent addition to the company’s product range, which is designed to support human health and well-being. In a world full of challenges, this extract offers a natural solution to promote healthy living.

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