Corporate Governance at Nordmann

Corporate Governance 

Nordmann Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance - What it involves and why it matters

Corporate Governance is an integral part of every corporate management structure. It encompasses not only legal considerations but also ethical responsibility. In this context, we explain the implications for German companies and identify areas where there may be room for improvement.

Our brand values

For over a century, our dedication to the raw materials trade has remained unwavering, and we consistently strive to provide the utmost quality in both products and services. 


Our corporate culture is shaped by a set of values that not only bind us together but also delineate how we collaborate as a team and engage with our business partners. This shared vision extends across all our subsidiary companies, fostering unity without compromising their individual local flexibility and autonomy.

Nordmann's Managing Board: Dr. Gerd Bergmann and Ulrich Cramer

Nordmann's Managing Board: Dr. Gerd Bergmann and Ulrich Cramer

Nordmann Code of Conduct
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Supplier Code of Conduct
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Integrity builds trust: Nordmann's Integrity Line

Compliance with laws, ethical and social principles, occupational safety standards and environmental protection measures are central to Nordmann’s corporate objectives. We see ourselves as a company defined by a resolute commitment to responsible conduct in all areas of our activity as a chemical distributor. This is reflected in our corporate ethics and documented in the Nordmann Code of Conduct.


In the unlikely event that you should ever experience a situation in your cooperation with Nordmann that you judge to be misconduct, we ask that you report this to us through our Integrity Line. Reports can be made with full anonymity.


Visit our Integrity line here:

Phone: +49 (0)30 9925 7146 / Company-Code 4125


Marcus Schneider
Marcus Schneider
Group Legal & Compliance Director
Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH