25 Sep 2023

Sugar reduction without compromise: Formulations with flavour-neutral stevia

Natural ingredients and reduced sugar consumption are two important nutritional trends among consumers. With the new stevia generation Bio Reb M, Nordmann partner PureCircle by Ingredion is helping to improve the taste of these products.

Sugar substitutes – Stevia, Bio Reb M
Nordmann partners PureCircle by Ingredion new stevia generation

The new Bio Reb M is a steviol glycoside that is produced from Rebaudioside A extract with the help of enzymatic conversion. Using PureCircle's patented bioconversion process, higher quality steviol glycosides are produced from Reb A. The result is a non-GMO stevia product produced following the example of nature and with a pure taste and no calories.

This sweetener is identical to Reb M extract and therefore features a very sugar-like flavour profile and does not have the liquorice notes typically associated with stevia.

 Other benefits of Bio Reb M:

  • it is calorie-free
  • it is excellent for high (up to -50%) sugar reduction or alternative to other sweeteners
  • it is of natural origin
  • it performs significantly better than Reb M extract in the "cost in use" comparison
  • the environmental impact is significantly lower than with Reb M extract

The labelling for organic Reb M is "enzymatically produced steviol glycoside" or E960c.


Distributed in Germany.



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