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10 June 2024

High-performance wetting and dispersing agents

The wetting and dispersing agents from Nordmann partner Nouryon ensure excellent wetting and stabilization of pigments. They are used in the paint and coatings industry and for the production of pigment preparations (aqueous, solvent-based and universal). 

All pigments, whether organic or inorganic, consist of primary particles that aggregate to form larger particles. These aggregates can easily form larger units known as agglomerates. During dispersion, the agglomerates are broken up by applying mechanical energy and distributed in a liquid medium. The wetting agents enable rapid wetting of the agglomerates with the liquid medium. The dispersing additives in turn stabilize the pigment dispersion. The same additives often fulfill both functions. However, combinations of additives are also used, for example to improve pigment wetting, stabilization and compatibility.

Nordmann's product recommendations for pigment preparations

Universal pigment preperations

Examples of common pigments

Aqueous pigment preparations

Polycyclic and phthalocyanine pigments (organic)Organic pigments
Phospholan PE169Pigment blue
Pigment red 209Phospholan PE169
Amadol CMA 12Pigment green 7Pigment Violet 19GT 2624
Amadol OMA 4WPigment red 122Pigment Violet 23Berol 185
 Pigment red 202 Ethylan 954 LQ
Mono azo pigments (organic)Inorganic pigments
Phospholan PE169Pigment red 112Phospholan PE169
Berol 185Pigment yellow 74Berol 185
GT 2624  GT 2624
Amadol OMA 4W 
Iron oxides (inorganic)
Phospholan PE169Pigment red 101 
Berol 185Pigment yellow 42 
GT 2624  
Amadol OMA 4W  
Pigment carbon black
Phospholan PE169Pigment black 7 
Amadol CMA 12  
Amadol OMA 4W  
Alcosperse 747  

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Alexander Hoffmann
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More information can be found in the Nouryon product brochure, available for download below:

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