The NRC Group is now known as Nordmann

Ready for the future! Since March 2019, all companies of the NRC Group will operate under a single brand name: Nordmann.

Together with this shared brand name, all companies belonging to the group will be presenting themselves in a more unified way. The group's new look includes a freshly revised logo and corporate design scheme that are now being used worldwide, as well as the new shared slogan "Knowledge in action". Nordmann's now unified brand underscores the affiliation of its subsidiary companies and the accociated benefits for its business partners.

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What remains the same?

Our core business is still the distribution of chemical and natural raw materials and specialty chemicals. Despite the new and uniform Nordmann brand name, all companies in our group are retaining their independence, organizational structure and legal form. Regional responsibilities and contacts will remain unchanged as well. In this way, we will be able to maintain Nordmann's flexibility and local responsibility.

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