Coatings & Inks

With innovative raw materials, we turn ideas for the paint and varnish industry.
Nordmann supplies complex challenging products and offers a wide range of:
  • additives with diverse functions and properties
  • colorants (pigments, pigment preparations and dyes)
  • binding agents
  • fillers
  • special solvents for raw materials

Product catalogs

Product catalog Coatings & Inks

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Product catalog Dispersion Paint

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Adhesives & Sealants

Nordmann offers a broad portfolio of polymers, resins and additives for aqueous and solvent-based adhesives and sealants in order to supply customized product solutions to meet today’s ever-increasing quality standards, e.g. in the field of hot-melt or reactive adhesives.

Product catalog

Product catalog Adhesives & Sealants

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An extensive portfolio of speciality products for the natural rubber and polyurethane industries:
Nordmann offers a broad range of additives, carbon blacks and resins. The focus is on complex, sophisticated products. These are offered through our range of:
  • versatile synthetic rubbers
  • rubber chemicals and compounds
  • polyurethane raw materials

Product catalog

Product catalog Synthetic Rubber & Rubber Chemicals

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Concrete production, construction processes, the maintenance of buildings in infrastructure, industry or structural engineering: Nordmann supplies tailored solutions such as
  • additives with a wide range of diverse functions and properties
  • process oils
  • binding agents
  • fillers
  • special solvents

Product catalogs

Product catalog Construction

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Product catalog Polyurethane & Polyurea

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Torsten Heller

Global Sales Director CASE & Construction
+49 40 3687-0
Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

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Latest News

Trinseo expands its portfolio of latex binders for abrasive items 17 Aug 2021

Nordmann partner Trinseo is expanding its portfolio of latex binders! Francis Dobler, Senior Research Development & Tech Service Specialist for CASE latex binders at Trinseo, spoke with Nordmann News about the new opportunities that are being created for customers.

CO₂NVERGE®: CO₂-based polycarbonate polyols 12 Apr 2021

Innovative CO₂-containing polyols produced by Nordmann partner Aramco Performance Materials are used to make high-performance polyurethane adhesives. Their strength and excellent hydrolytic resistance make them outstanding choices for the most demanding coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers. Nordmann distributes CO₂NVERGE polyols in Germany.