28 Sep 2021

Natural starches by Ingredion

Less is more! Nordmann partner Ingredion is a pioneer in clean-label products and offers a variety of functional native starches that also includes organic grades.


“All natural!” Around 41 % of European consumers rate this label claim as the most appealing for food and beverage items. Ingredion’s study “The Age of Clean Label” shows that consumers increasingly want minimally processed products made from a simple list of ingredients. In fact, 79 % of consumers find it important to recognize a product’s ingredients. Ingredion’s NOVATION® range can be utilized to get the functionality that food and beverage manufacturers need from fewer ingredients – and to build consumer confidence in their brands.


Signalling quality with clean labels: as a pioneer in clean-label ingredients, Ingredion offers the broadest range of specialty clean-label starch solutions available. One example is the company’s line of NOVATION® functional starches, which can be listed on labels as “corn starch” and includes certified organic and verified non-GMO ingredients. Ingredion and Nordmann experts also provide customers with regulatory and formulation expertise, consumer insights and cost savings.


Consumers are looking for delicious food and drink products that are both natural and wholesome. Ingredion’s range of certified organic functionalNOVATION® starches allows consumer-winning organic foods with to be produced with optimum sensory appeal – including bakery fillings, quiche and mayonnaise. The new NOVATION® 9460 instant starch, for example, is both acid- and shear-stable to deliver a smooth texture. It is guaranteed not to gel or cause syneresis over the course of a product’s shelf life.


Free of allergens and additives with uncompromisingly good taste! Whether it’s deliciously moist dairy- and gluten-free muffins, gluten-free pizza with a satisfying and chewy crust or a traditional low-fat mayonnaise that delivers a creamy and tangy taste experience without the use of eggs, Ingredion’s ingredient solutions answer the rising demand for “free-from” products that address health requirements and lifestyle preferences without compromising on taste, texture or functionality.

Distributed in Germany.



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