28 Jul 2021

Tartaric acid products for the construction industry: Nordmann begins distribution partnership with Tartric Med

Hamburg, July 28, 2021: The international chemical distributor Nordmann now carries tartaric acid products from Tartric Med and has begun marketing them in Germany for the construction industry.

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Tartric Med, based in Vauvert, France, was founded in 2009 and specializes in the production of natural tartaric acid products. The company’s product range includes both tartaric acid and salts, e.g. potassium bitartrate (cream of tartar) or Rochelle salt, also known as Seignette salt. Products are available in food and pharmaceutical grade and can be purchased in powder form or as granules for use in technical applications.

Tartaric acid and its derivatives are very often utilized as retarding agents for gypsum, Portland and aluminate cements. The use of tartaric acid and its derivatives as setting regulators is also indispensable in ternary binder systems.

For applications that require processing in machine mortars, a very finely ground variant of natural tartaric acid is available with added industrial-grade anti-caking agents.

Cream of tartar is characterized by its particularly good storage stability. The product is therefore especially suitable for use in retarding admixtures that are only used sporadically.

“Tartric Med is a new partner for Nordmann, and we are pleased to be working together with this established European manufacturer to further expand our portfolio of products for the construction industry,″ commented Torsten Heller, Global Sales Director CASE & Construction at Nordmann.

“We are looking forward to exploring many new opportunities through our cooperation with Nordmann. We are convinced that the awareness of our product range on the German market will grow significantly with the support of Nordmann’s extensive know-how and valuable international contacts,″ remarked Benjamin Margnat of Tartric Med.

The following table provides an overview of the products that are currently available: