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25 May 2022

The world of silicone elastomers

Nordmann partner MOMENTIVE offers a versatile range of silicone elastomers – and versatility is what matters today! Manufacturers need to offer a diversified range in order to develop the products of tomorrow and optimize their success in a dynamic market environment. 

MOMENTIVE’s silicone elastomers deliver proven advantages for rubber elastic products around the world. They score points for their excellent heat and cold resistance and for having minimal environmental impact, not requiring the large number of additives needed for comparable elastomers. Fields of application include healthcare, consumer goods, electronics and automotive industries – and because of its special electrical properties, silicone rubber is also used widely in the energy sector.

The world of silicone elastomers

Available products


MOMENTIVE supplies a range of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and high-consistency silicone rubber (HCR) products. The company’s portfolio also features elastomers that can be customized to individual customer needs or specifications. There are also base silicones, topcoats and primers, in addition to special colored pastes.


Advantages include:


  • Excellent heat and cold resistance
  • Weather resistance
  • Special electrical properties
  • Oxygen permeability
  • Improving sensor technology
  • Fast crosslinking
  • Chemical resistance
  • High level of clarity and transparency
  • Adhesion properties
  • Regulatory compliance, including for medical devices
  • Wide range of applications


The world of liquid silicone rubber (Silopren LSR)


MOMENTIVE’s Silopren LSR line is a diversified range of liquid silicone rubber. Each LSR is based on a two-component A+B system that crosslinks after mixing at elevated temperatures. This ensures excellent storage stability with long-lasting material shelf life and a stable crosslinking process. LSR is processed using injection molding with special metering units that allow over 64 cavities to be filled and complex geometries to be achieved. Having a low viscosity and the ability to cure rapidly makes for short injection times and also short cycle times, all while ensuring that burr formation and trimming steps can be avoided.


Color matching can be easily achieved using MOMENTIVE’s LSR color pastes as a third component during injection molding (2% by weight).


Excellent properties:


  • Very fast residue-free platinum-catalyzed addition curing
  • Excellent material properties, thermally resistant from -50 °C up to 250 °C
  • Compatible with injection molding
  • Approved and certified according to several industry standards, specifications and norms


Versatility through:


  • Ready-to-apply form with a long shelf life
  • Easy color matching with LSR colored pastes
  • Self-adhesive grades that eliminate the need for primers in many cases
  • Self-lubricating grades for easy installation
  • Fluorinated grades featuring improved resistance to oils and lubricants
  • Shore hardness from Shore 5-90A (no plasticizers required)


LSR grades:


  • Silopren LSR 20X0 series: Standard grades (Shore 10-80A)
  • Silopren LSR 26X0 series: Standard grades, fast-curing (Shore 10-80A)
  • Silopren LSR 27XY series: Self-adhesive to thermoplastics (e.g. PBT, PC, PA, etc.)
  • Silopren LSR 3XYZ series: Self-lubricating
  • Silopren LSR 25X0 series: (Textile) coatings
  • Silopren LSR 40X0 series: Medical products / healthcare
  • Silopren LSR 46X0 series: Medical products / healthcare, fast-curing
  • Silopren LSR 7000 series: Ultra clear for optical applications

Further information

For more information, download our fact sheet:

“Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)”


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