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24 April 2024

Polytives starts a partnership with Nordmann

Polytives GmbH begins a partnership with the multinational chemical distributor Nordmann in Europe, Turkey and the UK in the field of high-performance polymer additives.

Polytives develops and supplies patented, innovative polymer additives for the plastics industry that are designed to optimize processing and open up new avenues of applications for finished polymers.


Nordmann takes over distribution of the company’s bFI universal processing aid within Europe. In the usual processing methods (including injection molding and extrusion), this unique product supports considerable energy savings, reduces processing times and increases output without having to compromise the properties of finished polymers. In addition to being highly attractive in terms of the circular economy, it also reduces melt viscosity and allows for substantially lower processing temperatures during injection molding, extrusion and other processing techniques.

Dr. Irina Fink, Technical Sales & Product Manager Polymer Additives, Nordmann and Oliver Eckardt, Founder and Managing Director Polytives (Photo: Polytives)

Dr. Irina Fink, Technical Sales & Product Manager Polymer Additives, Nordmann and Oliver Eckardt, Founder and Managing Director Polytives (Photo: Polytives)

Advantages of the high-performance polymer additives from Polytives include:


  • Patented and polymer-based
  • Universal compatibility; can be used in almost all conventional polymers
  • Original properties of polymers/recyclates remain unaffected, even at high dosage levels
  • Smoother recycling processes and higher levels of recyclability
  • Non-toxic, contaminant-free and food-safe
  • Significant reduction in melt viscosity (pressure and temperature reduction) can unlock potential for energy and cost savings during processing


As Nordmann’s Technical Sales & Product Manager Polymer Additives Dr. Irina Fink remarks, “Polytives is a unique company that has not only received several awards, it is also one of the 50 most important young companies in Germany. Polytives has also experienced rapid growth, which has led to the development of exceptional products.”


Founder and Managing Director of Polytives Viktoria Rothleitner adds, “This is where we see alignment with Nordmann; the company celebrated its 111th anniversary last year and is still continuing to grow steadily. Nordmann is innovative and keeps its finger on the pulse of a broad variety of industries. We share the same values and are committed to continuing our growth together.”

About Polytives

Polytives is a young German start-up founded in Jena. It pursues a vision of developing plastics and recyclates more intelligently, using them more sustainably and establishing them as a material of the future in the world of technology.


The company’s expertise is founded on a research project launched by Polytives co-founder Oliver Eckardt at the University of Jena in 2014. The results of that study have since been successfully scaled up to an industrial level, earning the company several awards over the past few years. Polytives is now aiming to make its innovative additive technology usable in every polymer in the world.


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Britta Riemann
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