Nordmann News & Events News Nordmann to showcase its latest innovations at UTECH Europe
12 March 2024

Nordmann to showcase its latest innovations at UTECH Europe

From April 23-25, Nordmann will be hosting a booth with co-exhibitor Cromogenia Units at this year’s UTECH Europe in Maastricht, the world’s leading event for the polyurethane industry.

The versatile product range and large number of new product innovations will be given center stage at the Nordmann booth.

Henning Hermann, European Business Manager Polyurethane at Nordmann, explains: “We’re excited to be exhibiting for the first time with a new partner, Cromogenia Units, who we have been working with since last year. Sharing a booth together at the UTECH Europe will allow our teams to get to know one another better and ‘weld’ our new relationship even further. Cromogenia Unit’s ROPOL polycarbonate diols (PCDLs) will be a major focus at the event. Known by the trade name ROPOL, these products are used to produce prepolymers, polyurethane (PU) dispersions, thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) and elastomers (TPEs), and the various grades that are available combine the advantages of hydrolytic stability, weather resistance and wear resistance with a high degree of flexibility. In addition to Cromogenia Unit’s PCDLs, we also sell their PU dispersions. What’s special about them is that Cromogenia Unit doesn’t use any heavy metals in their manufacture, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to other products on the market.”

Henning Hermann, European Business Manager Polyurethanes at Nordmann

Henning Hermann, European Business Manager Polyurethane at Nordmann

Ole Gerlach, Senior Technical Sales & Product Manager Polyurethane Elastomers at Nordmann, adds: “We’ve recently entered into a few new partnerships, and that has given us all a lot of positive energy! In addition to our work with Cromogenia Unit, we also started partnering with both Era Polymers and WeylChem, making our portfolio even more versatile and innovative.”

Visitors to the UTECH Europe in Maastricht will find Nordmann at Booth H16 from April 23 to 25.


Showcasing products from Era Polymers, WeylChem and Ingevity

Era Polymers will be presenting its prepolymer systems at UTECH Europe. The company is a leader in the development and manufacture of prepolymer systems for the production of polyurethane elastomers. Polyurethane elastomers are high-performance polymers that are characterized by both high strength and flexibility, and the special thing about the prepolymer systems from Era Polymers is that they can be individually customized. That makes it possible to meet a wide range of customer requirements, from different Shore hardnesses to media and temperature resistance, as well as demanding dynamic properties.


WeylChem will present its high-performance polyether polyols under the brand name Velvetol®. These allow manufacturers to completely replace petroleum-based polyols in the processing industry, for example in polyurethane systems, with sustainable ones. Velvetol® is 100% bio-based and able to drive optimum processing performance with their low viscosity.


Meanwhile, Nordmann’s long-term partner Ingevity will be putting focus on its highly successful Capa® products – a product family that has established the company as the world’s leading supplier of polycaprolactone derivatives for polyurethane elastomers, adhesives and coatings. Ingevity offers a wide range of polyols that enable manufacturers to develop polyurethanes for applications that demand uncompromising performance and durability. At the UTECH Europe this year, the company will present its new Capa® LT 3 – a polyol specially developed with proprietary technology and designed to extend the range of applications for polyurethane elastomers further into the low-temperature range.


UTECH Europe offers the perfect platform for exchanging ideas with Nordmann professionals, discovering what Nordmann’s extensive and comprehensive product portfolio can offer and finding out about the latest developments from the company’s partners. With representatives coming from all over Europe to represent the Nordmann polyurethane team, Nordmann will be underlining its international commitment and cross-border, solutions-oriented expertise.

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