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30 April 2024

New partnership with Sacco System

Nordmann is now partnering in Germany with Sacco System to supply meat starter cultures used to produce cured and fermented meat products.

Sacco System is a renowned international biotech company that produces innovative solutions for the food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries, including live cultures, probiotics and a variety of other ingredients.


Sacco System’s broad portfolio features state-of-the-art live cultures for creating meat-based products. These are designed to facilitate and ensure the production of high-quality foods by promoting easy, reliable and consistent manufacturing, as well as optimal preservation and shelf life.


Nordmann is now distributing Sacco System starter cultures for meat. These are lactic acid bacteria used for raw, fermented and cured meat products such as salami, sausages, hamburgers, etc. The company’s Lyocarni product line includes various combinations of Carnobacterium strains – including Lactobacillus sakei, Pediococcus pentosaceus, Staphylococcus carnosus and Staphylococcus xylosus – that can be injected or mixed into food products as they are being manufactured. Different blends are available and can be selected depending on the final product or the type of fermentation desired.


The Lyocarni product line features two main categories of starter cultures: traditional and fast. The former are designed for use in small to medium-sized meat products in order to guarantee slow fermentation with appropriate flavor development, while the latter are intended for larger meat products in order to guarantee uniform fermentation. However, they can also help limit the development of aroma and color in smaller-sized meat products that have shorter production times.


As Helmut Frank, Senior Technical Sales Manager Food at Nordmann Germany, comments: “The collaboration that Nordmann now has with Sacco System represents a crucial step forward, allowing us to strengthen our presence and our product offerings in the food industry. Sacco System’s innovative meat starter cultures will open up new opportunities for us to offer high-quality and innovative products to customers.” Frank is confident that this partnership will benefit both companies as well as the food industry itself.


“We are very excited about the new partnership with Nordmann, as it gives us the chance to bring our products and expertise to new customers in the food industry,” remarked Alessandro Pozzo, Global Sales Manager for meat products at Sacco System. “Lyocarni – our line of meat starter cultures – can do a lot to support the safe production of cured and fermented meat products. We have big plans for this joint collaboration, and the food market is constantly changing and expanding. We have already put out ‘feelers’ in many different directions. It never gets boring.”

About Sacco System

Sacco System is a global company that specializes in the supply of bacteria for a range of industries, including food, plants, animal nutrition, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. With over 150 years of experience and a strong R&D team, the company produces bespoke cultures for customers worldwide and invests more than 6% of its turnover into further research and development. Sacco System is active in over 110 countries, has eight different production sites and employs 500 people.

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