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5 February 2024

New partnership with Condensia

Multinational chemical distributor Nordmann is now partnering with Condensia, a renowned Spanish manufacturer of specialty esters, polyesters and polyester-polyols. Nordmann will be handling the distribution of Condensia’s specialty esters and additives for the rubber, adhesives and plastics industries throughout several European countries*.

Condensia, a family-owned company based out of Barcelona, has been producing high-end specialty esters and bespoke products under the brand names Glyplast and Glypol since 1975. In addition to its wide range of specialty esters, Condensia also supplies a large selection of additives specifically designed for bioplastics.

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The company’s full portfolio includes:

  • Adipates: Adipic acid esters (i.e. monomer and polymer plasticizers) are very effective at improving the low-temperature flexibility of polar rubbers and thermoplastics (e.g. NBR, PVC, CR).
  • Benzoates: An excellent alternative to phthalates, benzoate plasticizers have a high level of solvency and a low gelling temperature, especially when used in vinyl films. They are also non-staining and partially water-soluble.
  • Complex monomer and polymer esters: Saturated polyesters with a broad range of viscosities. These are especially resistant to migration and extraction (high flash point) and are also environmentally friendly.
  • Sebacates: Very effective monomer and polymer plasticizers for improving the low-temperature flexibility of polar rubbers and PVC. Sebacates have good extraction resistance in water.
  • Trimellitates: Plasticizers that offer outstanding high- and low-temperature performance. They show very low volatility at high temperatures because of their high molecular weights, high flash points and low vapor pressure, but also flexibility and gelling power at low temperatures. Primarily used in ACM, AEM and HNBR rubbers.


As Torsten Heller, Global Sales Director CASE & Elastomers at Nordmann, comments: “We are extremely happy about this new partnership with Condensia, and not least because they are so motivated to develop customized solutions. Together, our teams will be able to offer customers real innovation and great added value, which is exactly the winning combination we’ve been looking for.”


Marco Ara, CEO of Condensia, adds: “We’re optimistic that this partnership will create sustainable added value for everyone involved. We not only prioritize progress and expansion at Condensia, but we’re also committed to sustainability and living out core values such as respect, integrity and trust in our team. You’ll find that in the heart of everything we do, and that also aligns very well with Nordmann’s way of doing business.”


*Materials for rubber and adhesives distributed in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, the Nordic countries, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. Materials for plastics distributed in Germany and France.


About Condensia

Based in Barcelona, Condensia has been manufacturing and selling specialty esters for niche applications and customized products for its clients since 1975. The company’s products are used to support a wide range of applications in the automotive, construction, rubber, adhesives, cosmetics and plastics sectors as well as the food, pharmaceutical and lubricants industries.


Condensia exports 70% of its products to countries outside Spain, aiming for a high level of quality and continuous improvement in all areas of the company.

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Britta Riemann
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