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19 October 2021

Innovative products from Nordmann-partner MESGO Iride Colors

Manufacturers of rubber and silicone rubber alike are often looking for easily dispersible additives that can modify the properties of their materials in a variety of ways. MESGO Iride Colors, an Italian company from the HEXPOL Group, gives manufacturers just what they need: color masterbatches for all common types of rubber, as well as an addition curing system and performance additives for silicone rubber. Nordmann distributes these products all across Germany.

Color masterbatches for all common varieties of rubber


Color masterbatches disperse very well in rubber compounds, especially when processed with a rolling mill. MESGO Iride Colors supplies these in all standard shades, as well as all other colors. By changing the carrier polymer, for example, or using different pigments and pigment proportions, the company is able to satisfy any individual color requirements. Color measurements are also used to ensure masterbatches are correctly tailored to a customer’s specific wishes.

Innovative products from Nordmann-partner MESGO Iride Colors

Addition curing system for silicone rubber


For high-consistency silicone rubber, MESGO Iride Color supplies a three-component addition curing system consisting of a catalyst, a crosslinking agent and an inhibitor. Compared to peroxide curing, the process of addition curing provides the following advantages:


  • more flexibility when adjusting crosslinking behavior (e.g. curing speed)
  • “clean curing”, in which no cleavage products are formed (no yellowing, no disruptive emissions)
  • additional post curing largely unnecessary


Performance additives for silicone rubber


The performance additives from MESGO Iride Colors are characterized by their ability to improve the properties of silicone rubber. This product grouping includes heat stabilizers, flame retardants, demolding aids, blowing agents and additives for laser-marking and as well as improving green strength. The products are supplied as masterbatches and are particularly well-suited to being mixed using a rolling mill.

Distributed in Germany.


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