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10 June 2024

CO2NVERGE®: innovative CO2-based polycarbonate polyols

Innovative CO2-containing CO2NVERGE® polyols produced by Nordmann partner Aether Industries  - as long term exclusive toll producer and nowadays license holder from Aramco  - are high-performance polyols. They provide the unique combination of improved performance AND sustainability. 


The CO2NVERGE® family of polyols is characterized by a perfectly alternating polypropylene carbonate structure and contains up to 40wt% carbon dioxide in the polymer. By incorporating CO2 into the polymer, these polyols deliver up to 20-50% lower GWI (Global Warming Impact) when compared to benchmark petroleum-based polyols. The unique polymer structure results in higher carbonate density compared to traditional polycarbonate polyols. The structure also unlocks performance advantages while maximizing the CO2 capture in a formulation.

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General applications

CO2NVERGE® formulated products are shown to deliver very high strength adhesives on a wide variety of substrates, high chemical and moisture resistance, and extremely durable coatings making them outstanding choices for the most demanding coating, adhesive, sealant and elastomer applications.

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Henning Schild
Henning Schild
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Use in polyurethane adhesives

CO2NVERGE® polyols are used in polyurethane adhesives applications and exhibit outstanding lap shear strength compared with conventional polyether and polyester based polyurethanes. CO2NVERGE® polyols exhibit very high strength adhesion to a variety of substrates, including aluminum, polycarbonate, polyvinyl chloride and wood.

In addition, the unique CO2NVERGE® structure provides excellent hydrolytic resistance in water immersion tests. CO2NVERGE® polyols retain 100% of their mechanical properties for 90 days in water at 70°C. The combination of these properties makes CO2NVERGE® polyols suitable for applications with demanding environmental stability requirements, such as textile and footwear bonding.

Different Grades

Currently, CO2NVERGE® polyols are available in two grades: CPX2012-112 and CPX2520-56. CPX2012-112 is a high-viscosity, 40 weight% CO2 polycarbonate polyol suitable for hot-melt applications. CPX2520-56 is a 20 weight % CO2 polycarbonate/polyether block copolymer polyol that is used in applications requiring lower viscosity. Combining 2520-56 and 2012-112 allows formulators the ability to fine-tune the polyurethane properties, the carbon dioxide content of a formulation, and viscosity. Combining the two products in a formulation has been shown to deliver unique and unexpected performance as compared to formulating with one product alone.


Nordmann distributes CO2NVERGE® polyols in Germany.