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8 November 2023

Positive climate change with IOI Oleo

Nordmann partner IOI Oleo is a leading manufacturer of oleochemical and pharmaceutical raw materials such as excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) – and one that is aware of the environmental and social impact its business can have on future generations.

For IOI Oleo GmbH, sustainability means more than just the use of renewable raw materials; it also includes resource-efficient procurement, processing and marketing practices, as well as upholding equal rights and the well-being of its employees.

Positive climate change with IOI Oleo

IOI Oleo’s commitment to sustainability is underpinned by EMAS and ISO 50001 environmental and energy standards. Its greenhouse gas (GHG) balance has demonstrably decreased by 35% since 2016 as a result of several new measures the company has taken since then, such as its exclusive use of green electricity.


Utilizing its own fuels and operating an anaerobic wastewater treatment system that produces biogas, IOI Oleo consumes around 25% less natural gas. The company’s long-term goal is net zero by 2040.


By tracing the origin of the raw materials it uses, IOI Oleo is also able to make its supply chains more transparent and sustainable.


All of IOI Oleo‘s palm-based products optionally can be supplied as RSPO MB (Mass Balance) certified. This certification is verified through an annual audit conducted by an independent company, and it guarantees that IOI Oleo’s palm (kernel) oil originates from deforestation-free areas and that both human and labor rights are respected during harvesting and processing.


The newly enacted EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) emphasizes deforestation-free supply chains and is currently undergoing implementation. It is set to gain full effect as of December 30, 2024.


Ultimately, IOI Oleo’s sustainability efforts extend far beyond saving and conserving valuable resources – and the company demonstrates this through its commitment to the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI). The initiative’s principles address five important concerns: ethics, human rights and working conditions, health and safety, the environment and responsible business conduct.


2022, IOI Oleo was awarded a gold ranking by Ecovadis – the world’s largest provider of corporate sustainability ratings.


Nordmann distributes IOI Oleo’s raw materials for pharmaceuticals in Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, the Nordic countries, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, including:


  • DYNASAN®: Purified monoacid triglycerides
  • IMWITOR®: Highly functionalized lipids for drug delivery systems
  • MIGLYOL®: Reference-quality C8-C10 esters for pharma formulations
  • SOFTIGEN®: Compendial liquid solubilizer
  • SOFTISAN®: Specialties for topical and oral applications
  • WITEPSOL®: Benchmark hard fats for suppositories and ovules

Distributed in Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Nordic, Poland, Slovakia & Slovenia.


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