Our approach

At Nordmann, we offer you intelligent logistics services that are customized to meet your specific requirements – from just-in-time delivery abroad to tailored supply-chain solutions.

Timely and reliable goods transport

  • Our long-term shipping partners are certified and hand-picked for their expertise. For more information, please contact us!
  • We take care of the import and export requirements and handle the customs clearance process all around the world.
  • We guarantee safe and timely delivery, with cold chain optimization if required.

Safe storage

  • We have a network of certified and secure warehouses all over Europe.
  • We facilitate the storage and delivery of chemical raw materials of all kinds and in all forms of packaging, including tank storage.
  • We have ample capacity for the safe storage of hazardous goods.
Map showing Nordmanns warehouse locations

Customized services

  • If required, we offer you services such as premixing, mixing, refining and sampling of all raw materials, including quality inspection.
  • We can fill and transfer both liquids and solids, as well as offer customized outer packaging.
  • Flexible solutions and the availability of our raw materials are key strengths.

What can we do for you?