Jasmina Westphal, Tom Peters and Kimo Spring
Jasmina Westphal, Tom Peters and Kimo Spring.

Congratulations to Nordmann’s three newest BBA graduates!

Jasmina Westphal, Tom Peters and Kimo Spring have all concluded their training at Nordmann and successfully defended their bachelor’s theses! Prior to this, the three colleagues each completed vocational training with us as wholesale and foreign trade clerks, earning the additional qualification in foreign trade business administration. Now having also completed part-time studies in business administration and received their Bachelor of Business Administration degrees from the Novi University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, the three graduates will remain with us and continue their professional careers at Nordmann. 

Luisa Höfer, Nordmann
Luisa Höfer is the best student of the year

Luisa Höfer: Year's best student

Congratulations to our employee Luisa Höfer, who just graduated as a Business Administrator in Foreign Trade! Years of hard work, exceptional dedication and tireless commitment have definitely paid off, as she also received a Best Student of the Year award. Well done, Luisa! Good luck with your new task at Nordmann and with writing your bachelor thesis.

Looking for an apprenticeship or dual study program? We’ll give you the qualifications you need for an exciting job in chemical distribution!

Are you excited by the idea of working in an international environment, or by the wide variety of tasks involved in chemical distribution? If so, you’ve come to the right place – start your professional future with us!

We’ve been in the business for years, so you can count on our experienced team to provide you with a solid education. At our Hamburg headquarters, you will receive close supervision and guidance from our staff while you take on responsibility and challenges at an early stage. During your training, you will also be able to share experiences with fellow apprentices and other students in the dual-study program.

We are currently taking applications for the following apprenticeship programs (programs starting August 1, 2024):

Wholesale and Foreign Trade Management Assistant

Business Administrator in Foreign Trade

In partnership with the NORDAKADEMIE University of Applied Sciences, we are also taking applications for the following dual-study programs (to commence August 1, 2024):

B.Sc. in Business Administration (specializing in Trade Management)

B.Sc. in Business Administration (specializing in Finance and Accounting)

Trainees at Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH in Hamburg

Wholesale and Foreign Trade Management Assistant

This commercial apprenticeship lasts 2.5 to 3 years, requiring a Fachhochschulreife qualification (school leaving certificate allowing university of applied sciences/vocational college entry) or Abitur (school leaving certificate allowing for university entrance) to start. Over the course of this training program, you’ll gain comprehensive insight into the exciting work of our sales and administrative teams. We’ll put you in contact with suppliers and customers from around the globe and show you how to purchase raw materials, create offers, process and dispatch orders, prepare quotations and coordinate with our subsidiary companies abroad. 

Along the way, you’ll also discover where cola drinks get their color from, how lipstick gets its shine and why adhesives stick.

Twice a week, you’ll attend classes at the Am Lämmermarkt vocational school. The academic portion of your apprenticeship will also include internal training courses conducted at our company’s offices. Additionally, we’ll offer you the opportunity to spend several weeks abroad working for one of our European subsidiaries.

What our trainees have to say about Nordmann

“After my first few months at Nordmann, I am excited to say that I made exactly the right decision by choosing to start their trainee program. With so many helpful colleagues who happily pass on their experience, I have been able to gain close insight into the work of a distribution company in a short amount time. Very early on, I was given the opportunity to take on responsibility, work independently and manage small-scale projects. Nordmann offers a good trainee program to help get careers off to a great start.”

Jakob Vinnen, Trainee at Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH in Hamburg, Germany

Business Administrator in Foreign Trade

Deciding to pursue training as a business administrator in foreign trade means you will complete the final exams for wholesale and foreign trade management as well as the examination for business administration in foreign trade, making this training pathway a popular and pragmatic alternative to traditional business studies.

Like our commercial trainees, you’ll become well-versed in the distribution business by working in our sales and service departments three days a week. You’ll also receive academic training two days a week at the Am Lämmermarkt Institute of Foreign Trade. Once a week, you’ll have evening classes there as well. This course of training also includes a two-week language certificate course at the European College of Business and Management in London and you will have the opportunity to spend several weeks abroad at one of our European subsidiaries. To start this three-year training program, you’ll need an Abitur (or equivalent) and a good command of English.

What our trainees have to say about Nordmann

“In August of 2021, I started the trainee program at Nordmann to become a wholesale and foreign trade management assistant as well as a business administrator in foreign trade. Despite the special circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic, I feel that the company has taken very good care of me.
My colleagues are always supportive and they involve me in their day-to-day work. Thanks to them, I’ve already learned a lot about dealing with customers and suppliers.
Right from the start, my fellow trainees and I were encouraged to contribute our ideas and suggestions for helping the company develop.
Since we have classes at the Institute for Foreign Trade am Lämmermarkt twice a week and spend the other three days working at Nordmann, I often find that I can apply what I’ve learned straight away. In addition to the regular classes at the institute, I also attend night school once a week.
I know that Nordmann was the right choice for me and that I can count on the company to continue providing great training. ”

Alina Zwicke, Trainee at Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH in Hamburg, Germany


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with the NORDAKADEMIE

This dual-study program takes 3.5 years to complete and is run in partnership with the NORDAKADEMIE University of Applied Sciences in Elmshorn. To begin this course of study, you’ll need to have a good school leaving certificate (e.g. Abitur) and very good English skills. The Bachelor’s program alternates between periods of practical training at Nordmann and academic study at NORDAKADEMIE. During your practical training, you will get to know the key areas of the distribution trade. In addition, you’ll be able to choose a business focus right from the start (either trade management or finance and accounting).

Trade management specialization: For this focus, you will work in various sales fields as well as in our company’s logistics and marketing departments. You’ll also undertake project work (including international projects) and be involved with digitalization issues in both trade and logistics.

Finance and accounting specialization: Here, you’ll be working closely with our Tax & Accounting and Finance & Controlling teams. You’ll be part of an international environment, getting to know the processes for generating monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements. In addition, you’ll work on reporting, learn about tax issues and how certain performance indicators in controlling play into the active management of the Nordmann Group.

If you would like to apply for the dual-study program, first complete the NORDAKADEMIE’s online selection test at: https://auswahltest.nordakademie.de/de/awt/bewerber

What training at Nordmann looks like

Depending on the track you follow, these are the departments you might be assigned to:

  • Sales/Customer Service
  • Industry teams in Life Sciences, Coatings & Construction and/or Plastics & Elastomers
  • Logistics & Warehousing
  • Tax & Accounting
  • Finance & Controlling
  • Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Management
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Post & Facility Management, Reception

What can I expect from vocational school and the Institute of Foreign Trade?

You can find more information on the academic part of your program here:

  • Wholesale and Export Agent: Am Lämmermarkt Vocational School / www.laemmermarkt.de

  • International Trade Specialist: Am Lämmermarkt Institute of Foreign Trade (Institut für Außenhandel am Lämmermarkt) / institut.laemmermarkt.de

  • B.Sc. in Business Administration:  NORDAKADEMIE – Hochschule der Wirtschaft / www.nordakademie.de

Not sure how to write a good application?

Interested in applying? Get in touch with us.

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