3 Nov 2020

Nordmann expands partnership with Caremoli

Nordmann is immediately managing the German distribution of Caremoli Spa’s Carepsyllium, a high-purity psyllium husk powder. This move represents an expansion of Nordmann’s existing partnership with Caremoli, a family company whose tradition started in Italy in 1908.

Carepsyllium, a high-purity psyllium husk powder

Nordmann has been working with Caremoli for the past five years, distributing the company’s psyllium husk powder, vegetable proteins and gluten-free blends throughout the Nordic countries of Sweden and Denmark. Caremoli has now awarded Nordmann the distribution rights to supply its psyllium husk powder on the German market as well.

Caremoli’s Carepsyllium high-purity psyllium husk powder is a natural and versatile source of dietary fiber with an excellent nutritional profile and unique water-binding properties. The psyllium is harvested and processed in India but also undergoes final analyses in Italy and Germany.

Carepsyllium comes in purity grades that range from 95% to 99%, and an organic variety is also available. It is pH-stable, GMO-free, kosher and Halal-certified.

Wide range of applications

Caremoli’s psyllium husk powder is popularly used in food products with a high water content, e.g. gluten-free baked goods, processed meats, snacks, and many more. In the health care sector, it is utilized as a dietary supplement to stimulate digestion and alleviate gastrointestinal complaints. Due to its high fiber content, psyllium husk powder promotes satiety and can therefore be of assistance with regard to weight management issues.

Advantages include:

  • natural ingredient (no associated E number)
  • gluten-free
  • health-promoting ingredient due to high fiber content (at least 80%)
  • water-binding agent that extends shelf life of baked goods
  • optimizes dough structure in baked goods
  • promotes healthy digestion due to high fiber content