16 Jun 2020

New ELOTEX® product from Celanese

Nordmann partner Celanese, based in Dallas, is the global technology leader in the production of a diverse range of chemical products and specialty materials and has recently expanded its ELOTEX® series. The product line now includes the novel ELOTEX® FX1000, a redispersible polymer powder based on a copolymer vinyl acetate and vinyl versatate for boosting the performance of high-class, flexible cementitious tile adhesives.

Over the course of its long company history, ELOTEX® has acquired the benefit of extensive know-how to develop unique, innovative and sustainable solutions that take dry mortars to the next level of performance.

Unrestrained demand for high-performance tile adhesive formulations

Emerging architectural trends that embrace the latest large-format, non-porous and very thin tile look have brought up the demand for high-performing adhesive formulations containing specialized additives. These challenging tile formulations focus on ensuring optimal rheology and bond strength on difficult substrates, as well as compensating mechanical stress by providing a high level of flexibility.

High efficiency and significantly improved performance

To make it possible to meet these requirements, Celanese has developed a new redispersible polymer powder combining high efficiency and superior performance thanks to its long-lasting advanced chemical and spray drying technology. ELOTEX® FX1000 is specially designed for high-performance flexible cementitious tile adhesives of classes C2E-S1 or C2E-S2, as per EN 12004, featuring enhanced flexibility, adhesion, open time as well as workability. With ELOTEX® FX1000 in the C2E-S1 formulation, it is even possible to reduce polymer dosage and still achieve excellent flexibility and adhesion strength after wet storage. Moreover, the new product shows excellent environmental compatibility, allowing end users to formulate tile adhesives in accordance with the stringent eco-labelling requirements for dry mortars.