Thank you for 111 years of Nordmann!

Thank you for 111 years of Nordmann!

Nordmann Thank you for 111 years!
Harald Buitmann, Group HR Director Nordmann

Dear colleagues and business partners,

Some say that getting old is no fun, yet here we are at Nordmann – 111 years in business, with no plans to retire. Quite the opposite, in fact: we’re still full of ideas and zest for action! By “we”, I mean all the colleagues who give their best every day to make Nordmann what it is with their knowledge and passion.


For our anniversary this year, there will be no big historical retrospective, no glamorous party, no self-congratulatory accolades.


Instead, we just want to say a lot of thank-yous! That’s the reason we’re dedicating this special edition of Nordmann News to our colleagues around the world. 


Read on to find out what drives our team of staff, why they wouldn’t leave Nordmann for any other company, what special personal relationships they have and how they leverage their enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirits to achieve the best results for our customers and suppliers each and every day.


If you ask me what makes Nordmann special, I would say it’s having the values of a family-owned company and the soul of an international player. In concrete terms,

this means that the well-being and ongoing development of our employees play integral roles in our corporate culture. In the articles that follow, in fact, you’ll see what the term “personnel development” actually means at Nordmann – that it’s not empty words but instead the bedrock of many successful careers.


I'm excited to be part of Nordmann’s success story!


- Harald Buitmann, Group HR Director Nordmann

Thank you for 111 years of Nordmann!
Facts about Nordmann

In 2023, the chemical distributor Nordmann celebrates its 111th anniversary. The familyowned company, which focuses on sustainability, operates as an internationally successful group of companies. The experts in the distribution and marketing of natural and chemical raw materials, additives and specialty chemicals focus on close partnerships with suppliers and customers and an extensive, innovative product portfolio. The company employs 520 people in 24 countries in Europe, Asia and North America and achieved a turnover of 620 million euros in 2022.

Women with T-shirt stating "Volunteer" holding a box stating "donation"

Thank you for 111 years: Nordmann's charity work

As part of our 111 years campaign and in the best Nordmann spirit, we would like to give something back and doing something for the community. There are various initiatives, for example Nordmann donates 111 working hours for charity work. 

Our values 


We pursue a unified brand strategy that ensures a uniform appearance and increased brand awareness without sacrificing our company’s flexibility and commitment to local markets.

The way in which we present ourselves to the outside world through the Nordmann brand supports our mission to be visible as the modern and multinational distributor we are, promoting a high level of recognition across international borders.

Our values: Visible


Forward-thinking and innovative, we focus on anticipating trends and working proactively. Our teams are always looking for ways to bring about a brighter, more promising future.

Our goal is sustainable growth on an international scale. To achieve this, we’re looking to broaden our product portfolio, acquire new customer bases and at the same time reinforce the partnerships we have with our long-standing suppliers and customers.

With the path we’ve chosen to take, we’ve created a foundation from which we can look to the future and remain open to new developments and possibilities. It is our responsibility now to watch for changes in our working environment, to ask ourselves what the distribution market will look like in the next ten or twenty years and how

digitization will influence our business. Our task is to find answers to these questions and always steer our company in the right direction, even redirecting it if necessary.

We are future-oriented

Human and value-driven

We’re a family-owned business driven by our values, serving our business partners with passion as well as expertise.

As a family-owned company, values such as humanity and honesty are firmly anchored in our corporate culture – as is teamwork based on mutual respect and trust. Our flat hierarchies allow space for our employees to contribute ideas and pursue ongoing professional


We are human and value-driven

Leadershipand expertise

Our management staff are known for showing an attentive and appreciative attitude towards employees. At Nordmann, we trust our team members and give them the freedom to work independently. In so doing, we challenge and promote high-level performance and encourage active, constructive cooperation. Together as a team, we secure the future of our company.

Ultimately, our company’s most valuable assets are the people who work for us. What distinguishes each one of our locations and sets Nordmann apart from the competition are the people who contribute their experience and expertise every day. They make us who we are, and together “We Are One”!

Leadership and expertise
Irina Zschaler, CEO Georg Nordmann Holding

An impressive 111 years of Nordmann!

I’d like to extend my most heartfelt congratulations and a sincere thank-you to all the employees, as well as to Nordmann’s owner family, on this remarkable anniversary. It was their combined efforts that made this wonderful success story possible. I myself have spent my entire career working with the company, starting out at Nordmann as a trainee. I have worked in several of its divisions and business units and know many of its employees personally, which has resulted in a close sense of connection.


- Irina Zschaler, Chief Executive Officer of Georg Nordmann Holding Aktiengesellschaft (GNH)


Since 1912, Nordmann has been on an incredible journey of progress and growth. This has been made possible by the people who give their best every day and shape Nordmann with their knowledge and passion. 


We would like to thank our colleagues, shareholders, business partners and friends as we dedicate our “Thank you for 111 years” campaign to each of them.

Start your future with us

In addition to performance-based pay, we also offer our employees comprehensive benefits and ongoing opportunities for professional development. Get in touch with us today and become a part of the Nordmann family!

Jo Jackson
Jo Jackson
Business Manager HR UK Group | Human Resources
Nordmann U.K. Limited
Christina Helmrich
Christina Helmrich
Business Manager HR Germany | Human Resources, Organization
Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH
Anika Linke
Anika Linke
HR Business Partner | Human Resources, Organization
Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH
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