Flame retardants

Industries: Adhesives & Sealants, Construction, Coatings & Inks, Composites, Elastomers, Industrial Chemicals, Plastics, Oil, Gas & Lubricants, Textile & Leather


Adhesives and Sealants: Hotmelt, PSA, Reactive, Solvent based, Waterborne
Coatings: Architectural Coatings, Floorings, General Industrial, Plastics
Composites: Industrial and Construction, Transportation
Construction: Roof, Bitumen, Asphalt, Sealants
Elastomers: Antivibration, Rubber-to-metal, Compounding, Conveyor Belts, Transmission Belts, Flooring and Mats, Foams, Medical and Latex articles, Profiles, Wire and Cable
Industrial Chemicals
Oil and Gas, Lubricants
Plastics: Compounds, Batches, Polymer producers, PVC, Thermoplastic Converter, Thermoplastic Converter Extrusion, Thermoplastic Converter Inj Moulding
Textile and Leather: Auxiliaries

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