A look at the dynamic Turkish market 8 Mar 2023

Bahar Aydin, Technical Sales & Product Manager CASE Nordmann, Rassmann Turkey Dış Ticaret A.Ş

We Are One: Diversity at Nordmann 8 Mar 2023

Diversity has many faces at Nordmann. One one level, this can be seen in the wide variety of products that the company distributes and the broad range of industries it is active in. At the same time, the international and family- owned chemical distributor also values and promotes diversity among its employees – and sees its diversity as a source of both strength and opportunity.

Sustainable partnerships 8 Mar 2023

Packaging has a major impact on global sustainability. Nordmann is not only researching environmentally friendly alternatives for plastic packaging, but has also been marketing pigment chips for biodegradable packaging since 2021 with its partner Mifar.

Definitely our cup of tea! 8 Mar 2023

Nordmann’s consistent internationalization and ongoing refinement of its product portfolio over the past few years have made the company a leader in chemical distribution – and after successfully integrating Melrob Group Holdings Ltd. in 2017, Nordmann is now writing a British success story.

Tailored solutions for your unique needs 8 Mar 2023

Nordmann partner Trinseo boasts a broad portfolio of latex binders tailored to meet sustainability and performance goals while controlling costs across diverse industries and markets.

Nordmann expands cooperation with Olin to CEE 8 Mar 2023

Olin, the world’s leading supplier of epoxy materials, has been successfully distributed in the DACH region by Nordmann since 2017. The distribution agreement concerning Olin’s epoxy resins, novolac resins, reactive diluents, hardeners and waterborne solutions is now being extended through a collaboration in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

High-performance cellulose ethers for improved dry mortar formulations 8 Mar 2023

Rapid changes in the construction industry require the continuous development of sustainable, high-performance and cost-effective products for improving building materials.

Faci hydrophobing agents for structurally strong buildings 8 Mar 2023

The Italian company Faci S.p.A. has been a Nordmann partner since 2017. With its comprehensive product portfolio, Faci offers all kind of different metal soaps that are efficient hydrophobing agents due to their excellent water-repellent properties and large specific surface area.

RESONAC chloroprene latice 8 Mar 2023

They ensure a longer service life and better sustainability.

MIGHTY® POWDER PCEs from KAO 8 Mar 2023

Premium-class superplasticizers for all kinds of dry-mix mortar systems

Low-formaldehyde superplasticizers from Melamin 8 Mar 2023

Since formaldehyde last underwent reclassification by the EU, companies are being pressured to manufacture products with as little free formaldehyde as possible. Melamin offers support with a range of low-formaldehyde superplasticizers based on melamine.

Advancing the circular and bioeconomy through systems thinking 8 Mar 2023

Enhancing sustainability requires companies to re-think their solutions and take a life-cycle approach to understand the environmental impact of their products. Nordmann partner Kraton is leading the field of biobased tackifiers.

Fueling innovation through game-changing formulations 8 Mar 2023

Explore Honeywell’s range of high-performance specialty additives, including NduroMatt™ and Cohesa® from the Honeywell Specialty Additives portfolio.

Albemarle announces launch of Ketjen Corporation 8 Mar 2023

Albemarle Corporation, a leader in the global specialty chemicals industry, announced the official brand launch of Ketjen Corporation, its wholly owned subsidiary that crafts tailored, advanced catalyst solutions for the petrochemical, refining and specialty chemicals industries.

With Derakane™ Signia™ resins INEOS Composites focuses on reduced styrene emissions 8 Mar 2023

With the introduction of Derakane™ Signia™, INEOS Composites has taken advantage of new technologies to modernize the properties of its resins, including improved environmental performance and processability.

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