MARFRAN SRL presents sustainability guidelines at the K 2022 4 Oct 2022

Nordmann partner MARFRAN Srl is an Italian manufacturer of high-performance thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds suitable for a wide range of applications and sectors that include the automotive field, sports, household appliances, personal care, building construction and medicine.

Challenge overcome 4 Oct 2022

PMC responds sustainably to EU requirements for organotin compounds

Sustainable bioplastic of the highest quality 4 Oct 2022

Two years ago, international chemical distributor Nordmann began handling the marketing and distribution of Biofibre® products in many different European countries.

Organic-quality plastics? Naturally! 4 Oct 2022

A new generation of sustainable and environmentally friendly bioplastics is beginning to show enormous market potential: polylactide (PLA), a polyester synthesized from sugar through a multistep process.

Innovation – Made in Italy 4 Oct 2022

With more than 60 years of experience, three different manufacturing plants in Italy and an annual production capacity of 80,000 tons, TPV Compound SpA is a leading manufacturer of PVC compounds in Europe. Nordmann and TPV Compound have been working together successfully for over three years now to distribute inspiring and innovative PVC compound solutions.

Optimizing recycling 4 Oct 2022

Based on its many years of experience in the manufacture of plastic additives, Nordmann partner VOELPKER develops innovative products that are used primarily in the field of engineering plastics (PA, PC, POM, TPU, PBT, PET etc.)

Made-to-order compounds from Repol 4 Oct 2022

At the end of 2020, Nordmann successfully expanded its distribution partnership with engineering plastics compounder Repol to cover the whole of Europe. In addition to offering customized solutions for a variety of industrial applications through its wideranging portfolio – from polyamide to a broad selection of other compounds made from polymers such as PBT, PP, polycarbonate, ABS and other related blends – Repol is now also working on innovative flame retardant systems. Last year, the company acquired another extrusion line with which to produce flame retardant compounds.

Interview with UBE 4 Oct 2022

UBE and Nordmann have been working together successfully for the past 33 years. In the interview that follows, Frank Hormann and Dietrich Albrecht each offer insight into the cooperation. Himself a Nordmann employee during the first nine years, Hormann has experienced the entire partnership since its very beginnings.

Global enterprise, local connections 4 Oct 2022

Nordmann maintains a long-standing and successful partnership with Wanhua Chemical Group, one of the leading manufacturers of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). In the fall of 2021, the Chinese company started up a newly built production facility in Kazincbarcika, Hungary. This represents a significant investment which underlines Wanhua’s strategy of serving as a locally-based partner to its European customers.

E-mobility in the fast lane 4 Oct 2022

The future of mobility is being redefined, but the shift away from internal combustion engines to rapidly advancing electric vehicle technologies also means that the demands being put on materials are increasing dramatically. Companies like Nordmann partner MOMENTIVE Performance Materials are an active driving force behind this transformation.

Insights from Nordmann’s Monomers team 4 Oct 2022

In the plastics and rubber industries, demands put on manufactured items in terms of their technical, physical and chemical properties continue to rise – but Nordmann’s monomer portfolio can help, featuring a wide range of products that make it possible to produce durable, high-performance materials with long-term added value.

Strength & success through own-brand products: Nordmann Turkey 4 Oct 2022

When Nordmann Turkey was established as a subsidiary in 2016, the managing director in charge was Rüstü Barkay – and he practically had to start from scratch. Today, Nordmann Turkey looks back on six years of solid growth, including groundbreaking market success and employee increases of 400%.

State-of-the-art 4 Oct 2022

Processing with melamine cyanurate flame retardant masterbatch: Nordmann supplies a very extensive product portfolio of its own non-halogenated flame retardants under the brand name NORD-MIN® Flame Retardant Master Batch (FRMB). In addition to their inherent flame retardant properties, the products in this range deliver outstanding resistance to high temperatures as well as many different types of media.

Preventing aging and deterioration: Antioxidants & UV stabilizers 4 Oct 2022

Nordmann supplies its own line of antioxidants and UV stabilizers for applications in the plastics, coatings, construction and elastomer industries under the brand name NORANTOX®. For customers in Europe, UV absorbers are now being added to the range.

Interview with Dana Russu 4 Oct 2022

Technical Sales Manager Plastics & Additives at Nordmann, Rassmann Romania S.R.L.

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