Focus on recycled plastics 17 Jun 2020

At the end of 2019, French oil company and chemicals manufacturer Total announced its breakthrough ambition for environmental protection: upping its annual production of recycled materials to 30% by 2030, amounting to one million tons of recycled plastic per year.

New ELOTEX® product from Celanese 16 Jun 2020

Nordmann partner Celanese, based in Dallas, is the global technology leader in the production of a diverse range of chemical products and specialty materials and has recently expanded its ELOTEX® series. The product line now includes the novel ELOTEX® FX1000, a redispersible polymer powder based on a copolymer vinyl acetate and vinyl versatate for boosting the performance of high-class, flexible cementitious tile adhesives.

The age of clean label: what consumers really want 16 Jun 2020

“Substance over style” and “360° transparency” are the new priorities for today’s confident shopper.

Reliable rheology solutions 10 Jun 2020

The paint industry’s demand for more efficient, sustainable and color-stable raw materials is constantly growing. Nordmann partner Nouryon has embraced this challenge and offers a portfolio of corresponding solutions.

Pro-environment polyols from Nordmann partner Perstorp: Voxtar™, Neeture™ and Evyron™ 10 Jun 2020

Perstorp’s innovative base polyols not only lower Co2 footprint but can also be found in all kinds of everyday applications, from walls to digital screens and even roads.

Epoxy resins bring coatings to a gleaming shine 9 Jun 2020

As the world’s leading supplier of epoxy resins, Nordmann partner Olin is always working to create innovative coating solutions for a wide range of applications. With fully back-integrated manufacturing and an extensive portfolio, the company is able to develop tailor-made products to suit the individual needs of its customers.

Commitment to a better future 8 Jun 2020

Sustainability is a common thread that runs through everything that Nordmann partner DSM does – and has been doing for years.

New managing director for Nordmann in Austria as Dr. Michael Lovrek retires. 2 Jun 2020

Dr. Michael Lovrek was Managing Director of Nordmann, Rassmann Handelsges. mbH (Nordmann Austria) for more than 25 years. In 2014, he also took over responsibility for the entire Nordmann AT Group. On June 1, the baton was passed on to his successor, Günter Handler.

Bloomage Biotech expands Hyafactor™ PGA line 20 May 2020

Nordmann partner Bloomage Biotech is adding a fourth active ingredient to its Hyafactor™-PGA range. The product line now includes Hyafactor™ PGA-SHM, a natural moisturizer that features a super-high molecular weight.

Taking care of body art 20 May 2020

As soon as temperatures rise in spring, you can spot them everywhere: tattoos. Making sure these look good for as long as possible requires a special kind of care, and the Caring & Protecting Tattoo Cream from the Nordmann Lab offers just this.

The start of a REvolution™ in rosin ester 18 May 2020

REvolution™ rosin ester technology helps advance the bioeconomy by providing adhesive formulators with new choices for biobased tackifiers. These brand-new products are now available through Nordmann.

Processing aids from Vibiplast 13 May 2020

In addition to a vast product range that contains 650 different formulations of polymer-bound rubber chemicals, the Italian company Vibiplast also supplies additives with which to optimize manufacturing processes. Nordmann has recently starting distributing these in Germany.

Convincing quality 11 May 2020

High-quality N-Vinylpyrrolodine (NVP) from Nippon Shokubai offers distinct advantages for a variety of applications.

New product from Ingredion meets big trends in food 20 Apr 2020

Ingredion has expanded its range of plant-based ingredient solutions to meet increasing consumer demand for protein-rich products.

Together into the future 20 Apr 2020

Nordmann News spoke with Dr. Fred Heinze, Business Manager Healthcare Europe of Ingredion Germany GmbH, about his work, Ingredion’s portfolio and the company’s successful partnership with Nordmann.

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