Dietary fiber: why is it so important for the human body? 8 Sep 2021

We know that dietary fiber is good for digestion and essential to our health – but what exactly is it, and how does it work?

Trinseo expands its portfolio of latex binders for abrasive items 17 Aug 2021

Nordmann partner Trinseo is expanding its portfolio of latex binders! Francis Dobler, Senior Research Development & Tech Service Specialist for CASE latex binders at Trinseo, spoke with Nordmann News about the new opportunities that are being created for customers.

Capa® S: the sustainable, high-performance polyol alternative for plasticizer-free PUs 9 Aug 2021

Soft polyurethane without plasticizers? Ingevity makes it possible with Capa® S, a recently launched product series that allows for the production of soft and durable polyurethane that is completely plasticizer-free.

Comprecel® SMCC: tableting and formulation made easy 9 Aug 2021

Nordmann-partner Mingtai has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of excipients for decades now, renowned for the range of high-quality products it supplies – including Comprecel® SMCC microcrystalline cellulose and Disolcel® sodium croscarmellose. For its stability and quality in particular, Mingtai’s Comprecel® SMCC offers superior value.

Spotlighting innovative cultures 28 Jul 2021

By placing a strong focus on research and development, the Dutch DSM is continuing to create innovative solutions for the cheese and dairy industry with the added support of recently-acquired culture manufacturer CSK. Customers are already seeing the benefits.

Tartaric acid products for the construction industry: Nordmann begins distribution partnership with Tartric Med 28 Jul 2021

The international chemical distributor Nordmann now carries tartaric acid products from Tartric-Med and has begun marketing them in Germany for the construction industry.

Ingredion launches textured pulse proteins in Europe 19 Jul 2021

Derived from peas and fava beans, Ingredion’s new textured proteins offer 65% protein on a dry basis and enable manufacturers to formulate non-soy based, gluten-free meat alternatives.

Nordmann begins distributing pigment “chips″ from Mifar 1 Jul 2021

The international chemical distributor Nordmann is now integrating Mifar’s pigment chips into its product range and will begin marketing them throughout most European countries (excluding Spain, France and Portugal) on July 1.

Performance additives from Inhance Technologies for higher surface energy 22 Jun 2021

The UH-1000 series of performance additives from Nordmann-partner Inhance Technologies delivers a special combination of attractive properties, including being highly compatible, dispersible in formulated systems and able to provide outstanding wear resistance.

Acting responsibly 22 Jun 2021

Seeing to regulatory affairs is one of the many important jobs handled by Nordmann’s Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Management department. The department’s staff keep a watchful eye not only on legal requirements, but also on developments and innovations that come from customers, suppliers and/or the broader public. To find out more about one of the department’s latest projects, Nordmann News spoke to Business Manager Reinhard Friedek and Dr. Christian Gradert, who will be taking over the Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Management division on July 1 as Mr. Friedek moves into well-deserved retirement after more than 30 years of service to Nordmann.

Nordmann gains Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition as important supplier 27 May 2021

Nordmann and Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition have recently signed a partnership agreement concerning specialty ingredients for the food, health and nutrition industries. With immediate effect, Nordmann will be taking over the marketing and distribution of Eurial’s dairy-based proteins in the DACH region as well as Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

New colored pigments from Nordmann-partner Sudarshan 25 May 2021

Nordmann is expanding its portfolio of organic colored pigments to include Pink 3000C and Sudaperm Red 2988C from Sudarshan. Both products are widely used in the plastics, coatings and printing inks sectors.

What makes a white pigment white? 18 May 2021

White pigments vary in their appearance and differ in terms of their properties. Venator is a global chemical company that specializes in this field, supplying a wide range of titanium oxides, zinc sulfides and barium sulfates.

Natural beauty boost with Bioyouth™-EGT Pro 6 May 2021

Bloomage Biotech has just launched a new active ingredient for facial creams to improve the look of the skin and provide many other benefits: Bioyouth™-EGT Pro.

Nordmann assumes distribution rights for PureCircle stevia products in Germany 28 Apr 2021

Nordmann has expanded its product range! Since the beginning of January, the international chemical distributor is now supplying stevia products manufactured by PureCircle, a leading global producer of plant-based stevia sweeteners and flavour modifiers for the food and beverage industry.

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