New Managing Director for Nordmann Czech Republic as Pavel Dlubal retires 10 Mar 2022

For more than 18 years, Pavel Dlubal has been the managing director of Nordmann Czech Republic. On April 1 of this year, the baton will be passed to his successor Robert Nahapetjan.

"The only title you need to be a winner is your own name": Nordmann's Duygu Arslandağ on her journey, achievements and her own superpower 8 Mar 2022

March 8th is International Women’s Day and naturally the perfect opportunity to talk to one of the many successful and remarkable women at Nordmann - Duygu Arslandağ from Nordmann Turkey, who just became Sales Director Europe for Monomers.

Quillaja saponaria Molina extract: a natural plant-derived active with anti-irritant and anti-microbial properties, as well as skin-soothing effects before and after UVA/UVB exposure. It’s also a great natural foaming agent and emulsifier. 4 Mar 2022

Quillaja saponaria extracts from Desert King International are perfect for any number of personal care applications and they have partnered with Nordmann in Europe to offer sustainable alternatives for clean-label products.

Healthy snacking with Nordmann 1 Mar 2022

The innovative fruit gums from Nordmann partner Paradise Fruits are revolutionizing the market for healthy snacks. Nordmann distributes the company's "Generations" series in Germany.

Sustainable supply chain: Nordmann receives ISCC PLUS certification 7 Feb 2022

Last month, Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH (Hamburg) obtained ISCC PLUS Mass Balance certification. This means that the company can now offer customers in the plastics industry ISCC-certified polypropylene- and polyethylene-based Circular Compounds® from TotalEnergies, made from renewable or recycled raw materials.

Melrob Nutrition becomes Nordmann Nutrition: As a result, all subsidiaries now operate under the name Nordmann 3 Feb 2022

As of now, the Nordmann UK subsidiary Melrob Nutrition Ltd. is operating under a new name: Nordmann Nutrition Ltd. This name change also marks the completion of Nordmann's legal transition to a one-brand strategy.

prochem becomes Nordmann Switzerland: a clear commitment to the region 18 Jan 2022

As of now, the Swiss Nordmann subsidiary prochem AG is operating under a new name: Nordmann Switzerland AG. The name change underscores Nordmann's one-brand strategy and emphasizes a strong regional focus.

Copci becomes Nordmann France: a clear commitment to the region 5 Jan 2022

As of now, the France Nordmann subsidiary Copci SAS is now operating under its new name Nordmann France SAS. The name change underscores Nordmann's one-brand strategy and emphasizes a strong regional focus.

Nordmann is the sole distributor of Quab Chemicals cationic agent QUAB® 151 for the Japanese market 15 Dec 2021

Nordmann Japan and SKW Quab Chemicals Inc. Chemicals are expanding their successful distribution partnership for the cationic agent QUAB® product line. The aim of the cooperation is to use the expertise of both partners to offer customers in Japan tailor-made solutions.

Jointec becomes Nordmann Italy: a clear commitment to the region 1 Dec 2021

As of now, the Italian Nordmann subsidiary Jointec S.r.l. is operating under a new name: Nordmann Italy S.r.L. The name change underscores Nordmann's one-brand strategy and emphasizes a strong regional focus.

Chocolate: always worth the temptation! 29 Nov 2021

Chocolate is a much-loved treat in many parts of the world – and Germany is no exception. With around 5.7 kilograms* of different chocolate products consumed per capita each year, Germany stands as one of Europe’s most important markets for the sweet and time-honored indulgence.

Sustainable body care – with a caffeine kick! 22 Nov 2021

Consumers today ask a lot of body care products. In addition to being natural and sustainable, they should also be high in quality and great moisturizers. Nordmann Lab’s new Scrubbing Coffee Butter can deliver all this and more.

Healthy food or great taste? We want both! 10 Nov 2021

Yeast extracts from Nordmann-partner Biorigin make it easy for food manufacturers to create healthy and great-tasting plant-based products that consumers will enjoy.

Nordmann now carrying soluble dyes and a new colored pigment from Sudarshan 8 Nov 2021

Nordmann is expanding its range of organic colored pigments to include a new product from Sudarshan: SudapermTM Yellow 3030C for coatings and printing inks. The company has also started distributing Sudarshan’s solvent dyes for customers in the plastics industry.

Notedome to appear with Nordmann at the next UTECH Europe 19 Oct 2021

The international chemical distributor Nordmann has shared a successful partnership with UK-based Notedome for more than 30 years. Together, the two companies will be attending the upcoming UTECH Europe expo to showcase Notedome’s new product NEUTHANE 801 XP, distributed by Nordmann.

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