27 Sep 2021

Wanthane™ TPU: a secure connection

Whether in industry, agriculture or the food sector, the esteror ether-based thermoplastic polyurethanes from Nordmann partner Wanhua Chemical are reliable materials for secure hose connections.

reliable materials for secure hose connections

Reliable and functional hose connections are of great importance to many industries. From pharmaceuticals and food to exhaust gas extraction systems, industrial vacuum cleaners, plastics and wood processing or agriculture and logistics, having fully automated feeding and extraction systems are crucial.
What is important for these particular types of hose connections is that the hoses must be able to offer a very high level of chemical resistance, very low abrasion, extended temperature resistance over a wide range of temperatures and also the ability to withstand high pressure. For each of these requirements, the ester- or etherbased Wanthane™ thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) from Nordmann partner Wanhua Chemical can be counted on to deliver first-class performance.


Wanhua’s broad-reaching portfolio is focused on innovative and customer-specific product solutions. “Wanthane™-brand TPU materials have outstanding mechanical properties. Their excellent abrasion resistance, for example, ensures that hoses will function flawlessly over the long term. With their optimized flow properties, Wanthane™ products can also be processed very well to ensure efficiency in the whole production process. All this means that processors see the benefit of significant cost-saving potential,” says Stefan Karis, Senior Technical Sales & Product Manager at Nordmann. The multinational group Wanhua is one of the world’s leading companies in TPU production, and an ideal partner for Nordmann. “ Wanhua has production facilities in both China and Europe and, as a backwardintegrated chemical group, has an excellent strategic position in the market,” Karis adds.

Distributed in Austria, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Sweden.



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