9 Oct 2023

A maximum of plant-based protein for even more consumer appeal

In studies, consumers agree. Today, a balanced nutrition includes more than just "healthy" food. In addition to a conscious diet, many consumers also want to make a positive contribution to environmental protection and have high expectations of food:

young woman drinking a smoothie
Vitessence Pulse 1853 is ideal for smoothies protein shakes and energy bars
  1. High protein content - also on a plant basis
  2. Good taste - only then will products be bought again
  3. Attractive declaration - many people prefer gluten-free products and prefer pulses to soy and wheat.
  4. Sustainability - the production of pulses protein requires, among other things, significantly less water and energy than animal protein

With the new pea protein isolate VITESSENCE® Pulse 1853, Nordmann partner Ingredion responds precisely to all these requirements. The product is also lactose-free and vegan, enabling manufacturers to use it in numerous lifestyle products. VITESSENCE® Pulse 1853 is particularly ideal for use in smoothies, protein shakes and energy or protein bars.

Ingredion's product portfolio includes numerous other plant-based protein concentrates, all of which are available from Nordmann.

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