8 Nov 2021

Nordmann now carrying soluble dyes and a new colored pigment from Sudarshan

Nordmann is expanding its range of organic colored pigments to include a new product from Sudarshan: SudapermTM Yellow 3030C for coatings and printing inks. The company has also started distributing Sudarshan’s solvent dyes for customers in the plastics industry.

Sudarshan is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of color and effect pigments, with over 60 years of professional experience and portfolio that is distributed in more than 85 different countries. Nordmann and Sudarshan established their now very successful partnership back in mid-2020. Recently, Nordmann began distributing a selection of new colorants from Sudarshan that offer excellent dispersibility and chemical resistance as well as color strength that holds up nicely to current market standards.

New color pigment

SudapermTM Yellow 3030C (Color Index PY 138) is a quinophthalone high-performance color pigment. It has an opaque, greenish-yellow hue and excellent light and weather fastness. The product also offers:

  • high color strength
  • easy dispersibility
  • low viscosity in water-based pastes
  • very good chemical resistance

We recommend SudapermTM Yellow 3030C for the following applications:

  • decorative paints (both solvent and water-based)
  • industrial coatings
  • powder coatings

This past spring, Nordmann also began supplying Sudarshan’s SudapermTM Pink 3000C (CI Name: PR 122) and SudapermTM Red 2988C (CI Name: PV 19 (gamma)).  To find out more about these pigments, check out the associated article featured in our Nordmann News (“New colored pigments from Nordmann partner Sudarshan”: May 25, 2021) here:

Solvent dyes

Solvent dyes are used to color plastics such as plastic fibers, yarns, films and molded parts.

Currently, Nordmann is distributing three from Sudarshan: Sudasol Orange 6601 (CI name: SO 60), Sudasol Red 6706 (CI name: SR 135) and Sudasol Yellow 6501 (CI name: SY 93).

The dyes produce translucent colors (bright orange, yellowish-red or medium yellow, respectively) and they offer excellent heat resistance as well as outstanding color strength, dispersibility and gloss. In particular, their low filter pressure value (FPV) makes them great choices for dyeing polyester fibers and films. In terms of color tone, strength, FPV and heat stability, the products are competitive with current market standards.  

Sudasol Orange 6601 and Sudasol Red 6706 are both frequently used in PS, PC, ABS, PET, PBT and PVC-R plastics; Sudasol Orange 6601 is used in HIPS plastics as well. Sudasol Yellow 6501, however, is mostly used in PS, HIPS, PC and PVC-R plastics*.

*Abbreviations: ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), HIPS (high-impact polystyrene), PC (polycarbonate), PS (polystyrene), PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and PVC-R (rigid polyvinyl chloride).


Distributed in the DACH region, the Nordic countries and Southeast Europe.



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