18 Jan 2023

Emulsifiers for high-performance water-based coatings

Nordmann partner and USA-based Stepan supplies high-mol (high molecular weight) emulsifiers and patented reactive surfactants that improve the performance of water-based coatings. Produced in England, France and the USA, Nordmann distributes Stepan’s products in Germany and Austria.  

Garden Fence

First-rate emulsifiers

Stepan’s high-mol ether sulfate emulsifiers POLYSTEP® B-23E and POLYSTEP® B-19PS provide a good freeze-thaw and mechanical stability in latex emulsions due to the extraordinary balance of steric and electrostatic barriers between latex particles.

The company’s reactive emulsifiers bind permanently to latex particles (see illustration) to improve latex stability and water resistance. This reduces migration, minimizes foaming and leaching, and creates excellent freeze-thaw stability.


Feature-rich, functional monomers

POLYSTEP® HPE, an HMEA-modified phosphate ester, improves adhesion, boosts corrosion and chemical resistance, and supports pigment dispersion in acrylic latex coatings in combination with Stepan’s POLYSTEP® B-23E and POLYSTEP® B-19PS emulsifiers (see figures).


Corrosion resistance
Metal adhesion

Effective alternative to fluorosurfactants

STEPCOTE® W-877 is an effective wetting agent for use in aqueous coatings that can either be incorporated during the let-down phase of production or post-added to final formulations. A fluorine-free alternative able to provide a comprehensive spectrum of efficacy, STEPCOTE® W-877 has a positive impact on high-temperature blocking resistance, gloss, color acceptance, wet-scrub resistance and hiding power.


Dry Time

Distributed in Austria and Germany.



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