23 Jan 2023

New high-performance and environmentally friendly anti-corrosion pigment

Nordmann partner SNCZ, headquartered in Bouchain, France, is the world’s leading manufacturer of anti-corrosion pigments and a provider of high-performance, high-quality and environmentally friendly solutions for the coatings industry.

Steel structures painted with a paint spray gun

With the company’s patented ACE technology, SNCZ has developed a new, environmentally friendly zinc-aluminum phosphate called Novinox® ACE 24.

A high-performance corrosion inhibitor for non-hazardous paints, Novinox® ACE 24 is more suitable than standard zinc phosphate PZ20 for epoxy resin systems or water-based formulations. The product can also offer the same level of performance as Phosphinal PZ04, a standard go-to zinc aluminum phosphate.

The product is a stable, non-hygroscopic and easily dispersed white powder with low color strength.

The best levels of corrosion resistance are achieved at a typical loading of 5 to 12% by weight of the total formulation.

The main advantages of using Novinox® ACE 24 include:

  • High level of compatibility with solvent-based and waterborne formulations
  • Supports the production of high-performance and environmentally friendly paints and coatings
  • No transport or storage restrictions
ACE Technology by SNCZ

Distributed in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and Turkey.



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