22 Nov 2021

Sustainable body care – with a caffeine kick!

Consumers today ask a lot of body care products. In addition to being natural and sustainable, they should also be high in quality and great moisturizers. Nordmann Lab’s new Scrubbing Coffee Butter can deliver all this and more.

Scrubbing Coffee Butter – sustainable and innovative

Packed with all-natural ingredients such as upcycled coffee grounds, the Lab’s newly formulated Scrubbing Coffee Butter offers a high level of sustainability as well as deep pore-cleansing and exfoliating effects to regenerate the skin and leave it feeling silky soft.  

The active ingredients

By combining KAFFIBRE®  (INCI: Coffea Arabica Seed Powder) with the Kaolin au Cafe MKT70 fragrance from TechnicoFlor, the body butter is given an energizing caffeine kick and enticing coffee scent. Kaffe Bueno, the manufacturer behind KAFFIBRE®, is an innovative Danish bioscience company that utilizes eco-friendly technology to transform coffee by-products into active ingredients and bioactive compounds for personal care formulations, dietary supplements and functional foods. Removing the oil from spent coffee grounds is what allows Kaffee Bueno to produce KAFFIBRE® as a natural exfoliant.

With a particle size less than 150 µm, KAFFIBRE®’s naturally stimulating, anti-inflammatory and richly nourishing properties leave the skin firmer and more radiant in appearance.

In addition to KAFFIBRE®, the Lab’s Scrubbing Coffee Butter also contains Akocare™ Coconut Oil – an oil obtained by refining raw coconut oil. The new oil does not become chemically altered in the process and it features both lauric acid and myristic acid (around 50% and 20%, respectively). This gives the new body butter many of its outstanding nourishing and moisturizing properties.

The Nordmann Lab’s latest product also features Phytosqualan® (INCI: Squalane), an active ingredient based on upcycled by-products from the agricultural industry – namely, the unsaponifiable fraction of olive oil. This ingredient has both hydrating and moisturizing effects as well, with squalene (the precursor to squalane) being an important component of human sebum and the skin’s hydrolipidic film. When intact, this natural protective barrier is responsible for retaining the skin’s moisture and preserving its health and suppleness.  

Another special and sustainably made oil, AlgaPūr™ HSHO Algae Oil, is used to keep the skin feeling supple and silky without any unpleasant stickiness. This innovative oil is derived from microalgae found in the sap of the chestnut tree.

For consistency, the Scrubbing Coffee Butter formulation features Olifeel® Pearls (INCI: C10-18 Triglycerides), a natural viscosifier and gelling agent for the oil phase that is derived from non-edible parts of the olive fruit.  

With intensive, all-round protection provided by natural ingredients and the pleasantly energizing scent of coffee, the Nordmann Lab’s new Scrubbing Coffee Butter offers the kind of sensational and sustainable skin care that today’s customers are looking for!

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