27 Sep 2021

Repol: a strong partner for plastics

In late 2020, Nordmann expanded its sales and distribution agreement with Repol to cover all European countries – with much success. A member of the Japanese UBE Group, one of Repol’s strengths as a compounder is in creating customized solutions for a large variety of industrial applications.

From Repol’s portfolio of made-to-order products, customers can choose between compounds reinforced with glass fiber or filled with mineral carriers, flame-retardants, impact modifiers and/or heat and UV stabilizers – all available in natural, black or customized colors. In addition to the entire range of engineering plastics it carries, e.g. sustainable compounds with defined proportions of industrial recyclate, Repol is also able to precision-color its materials according to customer specifications and supply high-quality, electrically conductive grades.

Repol’s product range is broad and covers all types of conventional polyamide, from PA6, PA66 and copolyamides to PBT, PP co- and homopolymers to polyacetate copolymers, ABS and PC as well as related blends. These products are used by manufacturers from all major sectors, including the automotive, E&E and consumer goods industries.

Being part of the UBE Group and having such close geographical proximity to UBE’s PA6 production facility in Castellon, Spain allows Repol to enjoy the benefits of being a backward-integrated compounder. Currently, the company is also supplying customers with a large selection of specialty PBT compounds.

At a time when almost all raw materials for plastic are in short supply and there are serious problems with availability, this is a decisive advantage.

Distributed in Europe.



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