26 Aug 2022

Innovative FMP flavors from PureCircle

For applications in the food and beverage industries, Nordmann is now supplying innovative stevia-based FMP flavors from its partner PureCircle.

stevia-based FMP flavors

FMP flavors, or “flavors with modifying properties”, are not flavoring agents in the conventional sense. They do not produce strawberry or mango tastes, for example, but instead allow existing flavors to be modified. This could mean intensifying a particular taste or perhaps masking an undesirable bitter note.

FMP flavors can be labeled as “natural flavor”, in keeping with Regulation (EC) 1334/2008. They contain flavoring components from a variety of different stevia particles. However, these are present in such low concentrations that they do not provide sweetening power but merely modify taste. 

The possibilities for improving the taste of end products with the help of FMP flavors are almost limitless. These include: 

  • Intensifying specific tastes – e.g. enhancing vanilla notes – which can potentially reduce the need to include other flavoring agents
  • Masking undesirable bitter notes
  • Improving the flavor profiles of low-sodium products

Distributed in Germany.



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