5 Oct 2022

Innovative additive masterbatches from Polytechs

Since 2017, Nordmann and Polytechs S.A.S have shared a successful partnership. In addition to the industry-renowned Clean Xpress cleaning compounds from Polytechs, multinational chemical distributor Nordmann has also recently begun supplying the company’s additive masterbatches throughout Germany. 

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Based in Cany-Barville, France, Polytechs offers a wide range of compounds and additive masterbatches for the plastics industry – supporting cabling, film, extrusion and injection molding applications. The company celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2020.

Nordmann distributes Polytechs’ PW cling masterbatch and SW® masterbatch products, FX Aid processing aids, FX VM viscosity modifiers and XW blowing agents.

PW Cling Masterbatch selection

Cling Masterbatch is a market-leading range of adhesion promoters. Based on polyisobutylene technology, the products are designed to produce stretch films from LLDPE, LDPE or other polyolefins for pallet, silage and food packaging applications. They are suitable for blown or cast film with mono- and multilayer structures, and they offer impressive adhesion strength – i.e. peel adhesion, lap adhesion or retack ability. Three different products are currently available in this line: PW 60, PW 70 and PW S.

SW® masterbatch range

This is a range of modification products that give polymer films certain types of surface properties. The SW® family includes anti-block and slip, antifog and anti-UV masterbatches: SW® AB, SW® AB SL, SW® AF and SW® UV.

SW® AB and SW® AB SL: slip and anti-blocking agents

SW® is a type of anti-block masterbatch that can be utilized, for instance, when adhesion occurs between two smooth film layers that are in contact with each other. The masterbatch solves this problem by forming barriers between the surface layers and changing their frictional properties.

SW® AF: antifog masterbatch for polyethylene film

AF PE GE 10 is a product from the SW® AF line: a 10% concentrated, LDPE-based masterbatch. Its active component migrates on film surfaces, increasing hydrophilicity and reducing the contact angle of water droplets. Water becomes a transparent layer that gives films anti-fogging properties.

SW® UV: UV barrier masterbatch for industrial film and pipes

This product prevents polyethylene film from discoloring, fading, tearing, losing strength or disintegrating. It also blocks UVA and UVB light, protecting contents wrapped in PE film from any negative biological, mechanical and/or optical effects associated with UV radiation.

FX AID processing aids

The grades of AID that are suitable for processing polymers are used to produce polyethylene, polypropylene and TPV. Being processing auxiliaries for masterbatches, they lower internal pressure during extrusion and limit polymer degradation. Another advantage is that they reduce deposits in nozzles, allowing for significantly longer production times. Common applications include films, pipes, hoses and polymers.

The FX AID product line includes FX AID PE F5, FX AID 10614, FX AID 10650, FX AID PP F4 and FX AID PPC F4.

FX VM viscosity modifiers

FX VM are viscosity-modifying masterbatches that improve polypropylene flowability. They are used to reduce viscosity and adjust MFI (melt flow index) during processing through chain shortening. They can be utilized to support recycling, injection molding, compounding PP glass fiber-filled compounds and other applications.

There are three varieties available: VM PP 5X, VM PP 10X and VM PP 20X. New developments are on progress.

XW blowing agents

XW are masterbatches that contain a high proportion of an exothermic blowing agent in an LDPE or EVA carrier. They are primarily used to make insulation for polyethylene and PVC materials, e.g. for the cabling industry. XW blowing agents reduce the density of end products.

Activation temperatures vary, depending on which grade is selected. “Starting degradation” temperatures range between 145 °C and 200 °C.

The following varieties are available: BL PE 20A, BL PE 30A and BL EVA 50A.


Distributed in Germany.



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