8 Mar 2023

Environmental protection through polyols

Nordmann partner Perstorp is making a sustained commitment to environmental protection with its Pro-Environment product range. The company has joined the Paris Agreement as aglobal leader with its innovative polypols for resins, coatings and synthetic lubricants.

Environmental protection through polyols

The range includes the environmentally friendly polyols pentaerythritol, trimethylolpropane and neopentyl glycol. It’s not only their initial production that is geared to sustainability at the Scandinavian company, as the Swedish plants run on renewable electricity; the raw material sources for these important building blocks are also bio-based. By using Perstorp’s Pro-Environment base polyols in their formulations, customers can improve their own environmental profiles.

Sustainability tracking

The traceable mass balance system used at Perstorp can support the procurement of recycled or renewable raw materials, thus reducing the CO2-emissions of the entire value chain. Under the mass balance system, fossil resources as well as recycled or renewable materials are mixed into existing systems and processes. Their quantities are physically and chemically tracked, then assigned to the respective products. In this way, customers can also improve their environmental profiles. Perstorp’s pioneering base polyols significantly reduce CO2 footprints and can be utilized everywhere in everyday life, from house walls to digital device screens to roads. The product properties and functionality of Pro-Environment polyols are identical to their fossil-based counterparts and deliver the same quality. All Pro-Environment products are ISCC PLUS-certified.

Optimized properties for cement-based adhesives with CaFo tech

Perstorp is not only known for its Pro-Environment products. Using calcium to produce its CaFo tech additives offers two advantages for cement-based adhesive formulations (e.g. tile adhesives) in the construction industry. First, the additive results in an extension of the open time, which means that tiles can be laid within a longer timeframe. CaFo tech also acts as a setting accelerator. By incorporating the additive, the downstream curing process goes 30% faster and thus accelerates adhesive tensile strength. In this way, Perstorp enables an increase in the efficiency of work processes as well as cost savings during construction.


Trendsetting base polyols at a glance

Distributed in Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and Switzerland.



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