30 Sep 2021

Why nutritional supplements?

Nutritional and dietary supplements are in high demand, and Nordmann distributes a wide variety of raw materials for their production.

Dietary supplements are designed to boost human health and performance by increasing the amount of nutrients and other active substances available to the body. These often include amino acids, fiber, vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. In order for these additional nutrients to achieve their intended impact, supplements need to deliver sufficient quantities.

Dietary supplements are becoming even more important

In 2010, the global market for nutritional and dietary supplements experienced a significant growth spurt. Today, companies in Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden are leading the way in product- and ingredient development while the UK and Spain have emerged as key markets for testing new products.*

*Source: F R O S T & S U L L I VA N/Nutraceuticals

Natural, vegan, lactose-free: nutritional supplementation is now more popular than ever

Products are available in different dosage forms for different target groups, including children, men, women, pregnant women, athletes and the elderly. Taking dietary supplements in response to age, stress situations, so-called “diseases of civilization” or to improve athletic performance is a rising trend.

In the German market, sales of dietary supplements climbed 6% from €1.27 billion in 2019 to €1.35 billion in 2020.* A market survey found that 14 percent of consumers are turning to dietary supplements more frequently today as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The current market is projected to reach €1.7 billion in 2025.*

34% of consumers over the age of 55 take dietary supplements daily. As people age, protecting their physical health and mobility becomes increasingly important. Taking magnesium to support healthy muscle and bone function is especially popular nowadays, as are vitamin D supplements and multivitamins.*

Adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet is also a growing trend, particularly among young consumers, which is in turn creating a demand for certain other types of dietary supplements.* Protein supplements, for example, may be needed to provide the full spectrum of amino acids when little to no protein is consumed from fish, meat, legumes and/or dairy products.

*Results of Mintel study (food and drink)

Nordmann’s products for nutritional supplements

Nordmann carries a diverse range of effective products for use in nutritional supplements and which satisfy current industry trends.


Intended useProduct nameMaterialsSupplier
Healthy sweetsFruit ShapesNatural fruit gums containing apple, mango, red fruits, vitamins and mineralsParadise Fruits Solutions
Gut health



Psyllium husks, specially coated lactobacilli


Cell Biotech

Stress-relief and sleep aidsMoveplx®Plant extracts (lemonv erbena with hibiscus)Monteloeder
 Weight managementMetabolaid®1Plant extracts (lemonv erbena with hibiscus)Monteloeder
Supporting the skin’s internal defenses
against pollution
Zeropollution®2Plant extracts (rosemary, olive leaves, Lippia citriodora, and Sophora japonica)Monteloeder
UV skin protectionNutroxsun®Plant extracts (rosemary and grapefruit)Monteloeder
High-quality whey isolate/
milk protein concentrate
EuriNutri/ GrassfitWhey/milk protein concentrateEurial
Innovative, vegan, soy-free proteinVegan Protein Shake®Pea protein,  chia protein, guar gum,  green coffee powderTaiyo
Improved cognitive and visual function   life’sOMEGA™Algae oil or powder from chizochytrium microalgaeDSM
Brain healthlife’sARA™Algae oil or powder from chizochytrium microalgaeDSM
Beauty from withinSodium hyaluronateHyaluronic acid (95%, various molecular weights)AWA Biopharm
Immune system support VitaminesFine Pharma
Joint health Trimagnesium citrate, Tricalcium citrateJungbunzlauer


1  For this product, our supplier was recently awarded the Nutraingredients Award for Ingredient of the Year "Weight Management".

2  For this product, our supplier was recently awarded the Nutraingredients Award for Ingredient of the Year "Beauty from Within". 

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