8 Mar 2023

NORPUR PTMEG: high-quality raw materials for polyurethane

NORPUR PTMEG – Under the brand name NORPUR PTMEG, Nordmann supplies itsown high-performance polyether polyols to support a wide range of applications and industries.


Some of the main uses for PTMEG include polyurethane cast elastomers, prepolymers, TPU, coatings, adhesives and sealants. PTMEG is the most important soft segment building block in polyurethane elastomers for improving properties such as hydrolytic stability, abrasion resistance or flexibility at low temperatures.

NORPUR PTMEG comes in either liquid form or as a waxy-white solid that melts down into a colorless, clear and viscous liquid near room temperature. Nordmann supplies NORPUR PTMEG in two different molecular weights: 1000 and 2000. Compared to competitor products, NORPUR PTMEG 2000 A has a significantly lower level of viscosity (see Table) and much narrower molecular weight distribution. Its lower viscosity gives prepolymers better flow properties that allow for easier processing. Having narrow molecular weight distribution results in reduced reactivity and improved dynamic properties that provide end products with a longer shelf life.

Elastomers based on NORPUR PTMEG are often used to make wheels for sporting goods and industrial applications, as well as various structural components for mechanical engineering and vehicles requiring high-level damping properties.




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