29 Sep 2021

Intensive hand cream with added sunscreen

Hands usually show a person’s true age because they are so often exposed to UV radiation without protection. The Nordmann Lab’s new Salty Citrus Hand Cream has the answer.

The Nordmann Lab has developed a new hand care formulation that offers all-round protection for stressed skin: Salty Citrus Hand Cream. What makes the product unique? The cream contains PARSOL® UV filters from DSM to shield hands from the sun’s radiation – slowing down skin aging and preventing the formation of pigment spots. In addition, ALGISIUM® from Exsymol protects delicate skin from the damaging effects of free radicals.


In addition to SPF 15 sunscreen, Salty Citrus Hand Cream contains PENTAVITIN® from DSM to keep hands from drying out. By supplying the skin with moisture for up to 72 hours, this moisture-boosting ingredient is particularly helpful in combating the extreme drying effects of frequent handwashing and disinfectant use. To further soothe stressed skin, the Lab’s Salty Citrus Hand Cream also features Lipex PreAct™, a canola oil from Sweden. When applied on the hands, the new cream’s ingredients all work to repair, regenerate and stabilize the skin’s natural barrier function.

The hand cream also contains another unique ingredient, AlgaPūr™ HSHO Alge Oil, extracted from microalgae found in the sap of chestnut trees. This oil leaves the skin feeling smooth, silky and supple with no sticky residue.

The Nordmann Lab’s new Salty Citrus Hand Cream is a winning formulation that combines sunscreen with intensive care, rounded off with a delicate and refreshingly fruity scent of lemon and salt. Now nothing stands in the way of perfectly protected and moisturized hands!

1. Disperse KELCO-CARE™ in water and heat to 85 °C while stirring.
2. Add Phase B ingredients and heat to approx. 85 °C while stirring.
3. Add Phase A to Phase B and homogenize mixture with Ultra-Turrax (approx. 2 minutes at 10,000 rpm).
4. While stirring, allow to cool to approx. 40 °C and add Phase C ingredients.
5. Add Phase D ingredients.

All the information contained herein, as well as the technical advice, has been based on practical experience and thorough examinations. However, it represents non-committal recommendations only. We therefore strongly recommend that users should carry out their own tests before putting our products to their intended use. This applies in particular to our sample formulations, which are merely intended as a starting point for developing own applications and for which we therefore extend no warranty. The sole responsibility for assessing whether conflicting property rights of third parties (e.g. patents) exist in any of the countries concerned lies with the user; in this regard, too, we do not extend any warranty for sample formulations or sub-formulations. The sale of our products is governed by our General Terms & Conditions.

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