5 Apr 2022

Click your way into our laboratory

Helpful insights, full details on formulations, and a spotlight on new applications and trends from the personal care sector in a virtual space: this is what the new Nordmann Lab+ offers to customers and suppliers.

Nordmann Lab+

One click, and voilà: the doors of the Nordmann Personal Care Lab open as part of the Nordmann Lab+, a new section on the Nordmann website. Here, visitors can delve deeper into the laboratory’s world of cosmetic applications and personal care formulations.  

The Nordmann Lab+’s all-inclusive service 
Petra Fisch, Sales Director of Life Sciences at Nordmann, says: “The purpose of our new Nordmann Lab+ is to offer customers and suppliers quick and easy access to the latest information and services from Nordmann’s Personal Care division. Visitors will be able to find what they need in the shortest amount of time, and they can also discover interesting content on the changing trends that drive the industry.”

The core features of the Nordmann Lab+ include product catalogs, guidelines for various sample formulations, application packages and news sections that highlight trends, important events in the industry, and other relevant topics. Customers and suppliers can also register to use a special search feature in order to find specific raw materials or to view formulations for a variety of skin care, rinse-off, color, leave-on, solid cosmetics, sun protection and hair care applications. Country-specific information is also available.

Focus on the latest trends
In addition to all these features, Nordmann’s Nordmann Lab+ aims to add even more professional value by uploading trend-related presentations regularly, e.g. on industry topics such as clean beauty, natural cosmetics, the skin's microbiome, vitamins and preventing wrinkles caused by blue light. One more special service is also in the works: “In order to provide our customers and suppliers with the best possible support, the Nordmann Lab+ will also include a virtual assistant and chatbot to answer product-related questions,” adds Petra Fisch.

For more information about the Nordmann Lab+, visit: lab.nordmann.global


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