20 Sep 2021

New partnership with Kaffe Bueno

Hamburg, 20.09.2021: Nordmann expands its product range: since the beginning of this year, the international distributor of raw materials and specialities has exclusively distributed the products KAFFIBRE® and KAFFOIL® of Danish manufacturer Kaffe Bueno in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia.

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In Kaffe Bueno, Nordmann has gained an outstanding supplier of powders and extracts from processed coffee grounds. Classic uses for these premium products are the cosmetics, functional food, food and drinks industries.

When brewing a cup of coffee, less than 1% of the health-promoting molecules/compounds inside coffee end up in the cup, while the remaining 99%  remain intact in the used coffee grounds. Kaffe Bueno upcycles the ancillary products of the coffee using environmentally friendly technologies. The result: the products KAFFIBRE® and KAFFOIL®. Nordmann distributes KAFFIBRE® and KAFFOIL® for applications in the food industry and KAFFIBRE® for use in the cosmetics industry.


KAFFIBRE® is a gluten-free, low-fat and caffeine-free fibre derived from processed coffee grounds. The product is rich in proteins and insoluble fibres and is used in the food industry in baked goods (such as pizza dough, pasta, bread, biscuits), bars and sports food. The flavour is slightly nutty and/or chocolatey, as the pleasant coffee taste remains largely in the extracted KAFFOIL®.

In the cosmetics industry, KAFFIBRE® (INCI: Coffea Arabica Seed Powder) is used as natural peeling particles. It can replace micro pearls made of plastic, for example, and is a sustainable and cost-efficient alternative to other natural cleansing and exfoliant peelings. The particle size is under 150 µm.

The possible uses in facial care are diverse, such as in peelings, masks with a peeling effect, cleansing gels or lip care and soaps. In body care, the typical applications include exfoliant peelings, anti-cellulite creams, moisturising wash-off creams and solid shower gels.

The product is a raw material approved by ECOCERT GREENLIFE in accordance with the COSMOS standard.


Kaffoil® is a 100% natural, sustainable lipophilic extract from processed Arabica coffee grounds. The novel product is used in foods and drinks, among others, and provides for a characteristic coffee flavour, for example in sweet goods. Additionally, it has a high polyphenol and tocopherol content and a high essential fatty acid content.

“We are very pleased about the collaboration with Nordmann, an international expert for the sale of natural and chemical raw materials, additives and specialty chemicals. Nordmann is characterised by close partnerships with its suppliers and customers as well as an extensive, innovative and, in many areas, sustainable product range. Such a partner is what we have been looking for,” says Alejandro Franco, co-founder and CCO of Kaffe Bueno.

“The functional product range of Kaffe Bueno meets the rising demand for innovative products for conscious handling of resources, which will continue to grow in the coming years. For us, this topic is important from an ecological and an economic perspective, and we are enthusiastic about this partnership,” comments Petra Fisch, Sales Director, Life Sciences at Nordmann.