15 Dec 2021

Nordmann is the sole distributor of Quab Chemicals cationic agent QUAB® 151 for the Japanese market

December 2021: Nordmann Japan and SKW Quab Chemicals Inc. Chemicals are expanding their successful distribution partnership for the cationic agent QUAB® product line. The aim of the cooperation is to use the expertise of both partners to offer customers in Japan tailor-made solutions.

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QUAB® cationising reagents are designed to impart a positive charge to a variety of substrates. The resulting cationic polymers provide high strength and beneficial surfactant properties in paper and personal care applications.

QUAB® 151 can be used to modify natural polymers such as guar, cellulose, proteins and their derivatives, which are used to produce cationised hydroxyethyl cellulose, the main raw material for shampoos, antiperspirant, detergent, for example.

Nordmann offers QUAB® 151 - the trade name for the aqueous solution of the active substance 2,3-epoxypropyltrimethylammonium chloride as aqueous solution with a total active weight concentration of 71-75 % (total of epoxide and chlorohydrin, calculated as epoxide).


* Epoxide and chlorohydrin together amount to the active content
** QUAB-glycol is insert in cationization reactions
*** Undiluted solution

  QUAB® 151
Chlorohydrin content 2-4%
Epoxide content ≥ 70%
Active content* ≥ 71%
Glycol content** ≤ 3.5%
Epichlorohydrin (ECH) ≤ 10ppm
pH*** 11.5-12.1
Additional information  
Water 20-23%

Satoshi Kato, Managing Director of Nordmann Japan says: "SWK Quab Chemicals and Nordmann Japan started their fruitful distribution partnership already in 2013. As a local partner, we were able to market the QUAB® 151 very successfully in 2021 and are confident of further increasing sales volume in 2022. We are constantly striving to partner with the world’s top manufacturers in order to provide our customers with innovative products and solutions of the highest quality".

About SWK Quab Chemical

Industries worldwide can count on SKW Quab Chemicals Inc. to deliver reliable supplies of these cationizing reagents at any time. Our ISO 9002 certified, North American production facility is located near the port of Mobile, Alabama (USA), an international shipping gateway that provides us with excellent access to the world market. Storage facilities in both Europe and Thailand complete the truly global supply chain. Continued advancements in QUAB® reagents have placed SKW Quab Chemicals Inc. in a global leadership position. Consistency of supply, product innovation, customer service and application knowledge assist customers in advancing their efficiency in a wide range of applications.



Distributed in Japan.