5 Jan 2022

Copci becomes Nordmann France: a clear commitment to the region

05.01.2022: As of now, the France Nordmann subsidiary Copci SAS is now operating under its new name Nordmann France SAS. The name change underscores Nordmann's one-brand strategy and emphasizes a strong regional focus.

Back in March 2019, the internationally operating chemical distribution company Nordmann began introducing a uniform brand identity across all of its 25 locations as part of a larger repositioning strategy. This has included changing the name of its subsidiaries. The latest name change for the multinational’s France subsidiary serves as a clear indicator that Nordmann France SAS is part of Nordmann, while also highlighting the company’s growth-oriented goals for France. Nordmann France SAS’s flexibility, areas of responsibility and contact partners will remain unchanged.

More than 53 years of experience in chemical distribution

Copci SAS was founded in 1968 and became part of Nordmann in 2013. As a distributor of chemical raw materials and specialties, Nordmann France supplies Adhesives and Sealants, Coating and Construction, Detergence, Elastomers, Food, Foundry, Lubricants, Personal Care, Plastics and specialty chemicals additives.

Nordmann France staffs 19 employees and achieved €20 million in turnover in 2020.