5 Apr 2023

Nordmann to present comprehensive product line-up at the 2023 VitafoodsTM Europe

Multinational chemical distributor Nordmann will be exhibiting at the upcoming VitafoodsTM Europe in Geneva – a major expo for the international nutrition and dietary supplements industry – together with its European subsidiaries from May 9-11.

Vitafoods Europe Logo

“A major focus of the show will be sustainability, which plays a big role. Natural ingredients, sustainable lifestyles and local sourcing are just a few of the key aspects of this that will be addressed. In addition, awareness about what consumers are eating and the impact this has on carbon footprint has become much more important. Consumers today are asking themselves how they can change the world through their eating habits, so plant-based diets are also very much on the rise and we have exactly the right products to appeal to flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans,” comments Dr. Ulla Seidel, Global Sales Director Life Sciences at Nordmann.

“We’ll also be focusing on our versatile product range at the upcoming show, and introducing several new products we’re now carrying,” adds Petra Fisch, Sales Director Life Sciences at Nordmann Germany. “To name just a few of these, we’ll be presenting the extremely effective plant extracts our partner Monteloeder offers, including eternalyoung® – a purely herbal, clinically tested product that combats the skin’s normal aging process at the cellular level and makes facial skin appear more youthful. We’ll also be showcasing plant-based stevia sweeteners from our partner PureCircle™ by Ingredion that have no calories and can help support a healthier lifestyle.”

Franziska Steller, Business Manager Health Care at Nordmann, continues: “We’re excited to introduce visitors to the fruity multivitamin gummies supplied by our partner Cell Biotech. They’ve already been approved for children as young as three years old, and what also makes these vitamins and minerals so special is that they contain the patented postbiotic Prolac T™. This has very positive effects on the human body, such as flushing out pathogenic and toxic substances. From our partner Eurial, we’ll be showcasing EuriNutri™ 90 WPI: a new whey protein isolate with 90% protein content by dry weight. The isolate comes in powder form which is easily incorporated into isotonic drinks, sports nutrition products, shakes and clinical supplements, and it’s an ideal product for athletes who are looking to build muscle mass. Last, we’ll also be showing an innovative powdered algae with a captivating green color from our partner SUN Chemical – a company that focuses on spirulina. This product is ideal for supporting a balanced diet and has the added benefit of coloring food naturally. It provides a rich source of essential nutrients – especially protein, vitamins and minerals – which is a real plus.”

Pawel Komorowski, Business Manager Food at Nordmann Poland, comments: “We’re very pleased to have expanded our sales with Layn, a partner we’ve been working with successfully for more than two years now. Since the end of last year, we’ve been able to extend our distribution agreement for Poland to include Germany and France as well. Layn’s portfolio features plant extracts and functional plant-based substances that are simply outstanding, and the company supplies natural solutions that not only enhance the taste profiles of different foods, beverages and dietary supplements, but also their shelf lives. We’re optimistic about our future with Layn, thanks to several promising projects that are already underway.”

From tablets to liquids, nutritional supplements in any dosage form are what Glen Dunbar, Managing Director of Nordmann Nutrition Limited, is all about: “We’re experts in contract packaging and manufacturing and can get new products on the market for our white-label customers in the shortest amount of lead time, starting from small quantities. Our dedicated team is always ready to provide expert advice on anything that concerns packaging and formulations, as well as all dosage forms – including softgels, capsules, tablets of any kind, gummies and liquids. With our technical knowledge and comprehensive product range, our aim is to help drive outstanding innovation from ideation to market while providing unparalleled service, quality and support throughout the entire process. We’re excited about the show and look forward to having many interesting and fruitful discussions there.”

VitafoodsTM Europe offers the perfect setting to consult with Nordmann experts and learn about the company’s broad product portfolio and recent developments.

Visitors to the 2023 VitafoodsTM Europe fair in Geneva, Switzerland will find Nordmann at Booth P282 from May 9-11.