29 Sep 2021

NEUTHANE 801 XP: technological advancements in ether-based quasi-prepolymers

Nordmann partner Notedome has developed NEUTHANE 801 XP, the next generation of MDI-based PU technology. Its optimized and highly advanced characteristics put polyurethane processors at a significant advantage.

Using the latest MDI-based technology, Nordmann partner Notedome can deliver the innovative solutions that manufacturers are looking for. The company offers polyurethane processors an alternative to traditional TDI/MbOCA-based polyurethanes with its new NEUTHANE 801 XP. “NEUTHANE 801 XP was developed to eliminate the difficulties associated with MDI processing,” says Shaun Robertson, Business Development Manager at Notedome.

The product enables processors to produce elastomers with excellent mechanical and dynamic properties. NEUTHANE 801 XP can be used in the hardness range of 60 Shore A to 75 Shore D, is supplied as a three-component material and can be optimized using a custom catalyst to enable the manufacture of complex molded parts. NEUTHANE 801 XP represents advancements in quasi-MDI technology and allows for an ideal extension of their current application range.


Distributed in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Nordic countries, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia and Switzerland.



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