4 Oct 2022

Innovative solutions for circular economy

As part of a strong commitment to sustainability, Nordmann partner Kraton has developed a suite of performance-enhancing additives to support plastic recycling and the circular economy. This was launched onto the market as CirKular+™ in 2020.

Holistic approach to the lifecycle of plastics

CirKular+™ additives enhance the recyclability of end products. Even at low loading levels, they help maximize recycled content and enhance PCR performance – all without compromising end-product quality.

Kraton’s CirKular+™ Performance Enhancement Series carries RecyClass approval for use in PP and HDPE containers. Once launched, the product line experienced early adoption across multiple fields – from consumer products and packaging to automotive and industrial applications.  

The company’s newly released CirKular+ ReNew Series comprises a range of ISCC PLUS-certified styrenic block copolymers featuring up to 70% renewable content, allowing customers the opportunity to take advantage of the mass balance approach and manufacture sustainable products with a lower carbon footprint. 

CirKular+™ facilitates the transition to a circular economy, enabling more effective use of resources and energy while also reducing GHG emissions – all to ensure a healthier climate!




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