8 Mar 2023

Certified sustainability: Nordmann and ISCC PLUS

Nordmann has made sustainability part of its corporate strategy. By naming it as an important focal point, the company has laid the groundwork for a holistic approach to sustainable business.


Establishing sustainable and transparent supply chains is one of Nordmann’s main priorities in business. As a distributor, the company assumes an interfacing role within the supply chain and serves as a link between suppliers and customers. As a co-designer, networker and knowledge provider, Nordmann aims to make the entire production cycle traceable – from raw material extraction and production to utilization and recycling.

Certifications provide a reference point and support the monitoring of compliance with standards beyond a company’s direct sphere of influence. They also make commitments credible to the outside world. Strictly speaking, Nordmann is not yet subject to the German Supply Chain Act due to the size of the company; still, the distributor has opted to undergo the ISCC PLUS audit for mass balance certification because of the value that it places on sustainability.

As part of a project with TotalEnergies, Nordmann received ISCC PLUS certification for distributors back in January of 2022. This covers the marketing and distribution of certified polymers (PE, PP, PS, PA, EVA) made from renewable and recyclable raw materials.

This past December, Nordmann’s ISCC PLUS certification was also extended to TRS (Trader with storage) to include its warehousing facility in Neuss, Germany. This certifies the company‘s full supply chain with regard to mass balance requirements. In addition to its partner TotalEnergies, other Nordmann suppliers can now also be included in the certification.

Nordmann plans to add on other product groups and storage facilities to boost its competitive edge as it continues expanding its portfolio of sustainable products.


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