28 Sep 2021

Nutritional supplements are still very fashionable

Vitafoods Europe is an annual expo that brings together major players in nutraceuticals from all around the world. Nordmann News spoke with Dr. Ulla Seidel, Global Sales Director Life Sciences at Nordmann and Darren Lister, Commercial Director of Nordmann’s UK subsidiary Melrob Nutrition Ltd., about the theme of this year’s fair as well as the latest innovations and trends in the industry today.

Nordmann at Vitafoods Europe: Dr. Ulla Seidel and Darren Lister on innovations and trends.

What are some of the big trends that visitors can expect to see addressed at this year’s Vitafoods Europe?

Dr. Ulla Seidel: Probiotics are certainly playing a big role in nutraceutical products nowadays. Research is taking a deep look at immune system function, gut health and various aspects of human well-being. In the future, personalized nutrition could very well involve probiotics. At the same time, prebiotics are gaining in popularity. Proteins and protein supplements continue to be mainstays in sports nutrition but are also being formulated into age-related nutrition concepts. The sources of these proteins now tend to be mostly plant-based, which appeals to flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans alike.

What makes Nordmann stand out in the field of nutritional supplements?

Darren Lister: Nordmann offers a “one-stop shop” solution for businesses that are looking for a complete nutraceuticals service provider. We supply raw materials in addition to full manufacturing and contract packing solutions for a range of core and bespoke products. Our vitamin and health nutritional supplements are supplied in a variety of formats, covering a wide range of categories. These include – but are not limited to – solid and chewable tablets, soft and hard gel capsules, plant-based capsules, gummies, effervescent supplements and liquids.
Our UK site provides contract packing services to suit the most stringent and demanding requirements, for bottle and pouch filling and carton packaging.

What new products will Nordmann be showcasing at the Vitafoods Europe expo?

Dr. Ulla Seidel: We now have Carepsyllium™ in the Nordmann portfolio, a high-purity psyllium husk powder produced by the Italian manufacturer Caremoli. Through our partner DSM Nutritional, we are also carrying new products for “Essentials for Healthy Aging”, “Power Your Performance” and “Essentials for Men” concepts and will be introducing the Vitessence® Pulse 1803 pea protein from INGREDION for both sports nutrition and snacks. Talcum from the manufacturer Elementis will also be launched there as a food additive, as well as the new fortified Pure Fruit Shapes from Paradise Fruits Solutions. These are fruit gums made of natural fruit juices and purees, enriched with other nutritious ingredients.

The nutritional supplements market is constantly changing. What new developments are you seeing today?

Darren Lister: The vitamin, mineral and dietary food supplements (VMS) market in the UK and Europe has changed significantly over the past few years, with over 69 % of the adult population now taking food supplements. In 2016, it was only 59 %. The UK market for Nordmann’s VMS products is currently undergoing a shift; multivitamins continue to hold the biggest share, and we are also seeing a huge rise in sales of turmeric, a supplement that falls into the category of joint care. Working with our customers, we have developed bespoke organic turmeric formulations that utilize BioPerine® to help maximize bioavailability.

“Beauty from within” is a key area that is showing strong and continuous sales growth in collagen powder and encapsulated products. Our business also saw a sharp rise last year in the demand for prophylactic products that promote personal health and well-being.

What is the latest news from Nordmann’s Life Sciences division?

Dr. Ulla Seidel: We have two new partners that we are very much looking forward to working with: Kaffe Bueno and SUN Chemical, with their LINABLUE® Spirulina product line.


This year for the first time as a hybrid event: On-site in Geneva, Switzerland and online. On site October 5 – 7 Booth L82. Online October 4 – 8

"In the future, personalized nutrition might also involve probiotics.”

Dr. Ulla Seidel, Global Sales Director Life Sciences at Nordmann


“Today more than 69 % of adults take nutrional  supplements.”

Darren Lister, Commercial Director of Melrob Nutrition Ltd., UK


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