6 Oct 2022

VITESSENCE® Prista pulse-based protein concentrates for clean taste and functionality

The new VITESSENCE® Prista products from Nordmann partner Ingredion are innovative, high-performance protein concentrates that deliver clean taste and functionality.

High-performance protein concentrates

Whether vegan, flexitarian or environmentalist, consumer demand for plant-based products is continuing to grow at significant rates. Ingredion’s clean-label legume-based proteins can be used to develop gluten- and soy-free products that offer great nutritional profiles as well as taste.

VITESSENCE® Prista P 155 pea protein concentrate contains 55% protein (dry basis). The clean flavor profile allows for higher dosage and greater application versatility, including:

  • Increasing protein content in instant beverages.
  • Increasing protein content in crackers and baked goods
  • Use as a wheat flour substitute in doughs
  • Use as an egg substitute in pasta

VITESSENCE® Prista P 360 is a 60% faba bean protein concentrate (dry basis). It also has a clean flavor profile that allows higher dosages and greater application versatility:

  • Provides emulsification support in dips, dressings and sauces
  • Increases protein content in pasta, bread, cookies and baked goods
  • Increases protein content in instant beverages and confectionery products
  • Increases protein content in cheese, milk, yogurt and frozen desserts

In addition to VITESSENCE® Prista products, Nordmann also distributes VITESSENCE® Pulse Isolates and VITESSENCE® Tex textured pulse proteins for applications in sports nutrition or as meat alternatives.

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